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FBI probe of Hillary Clinton emails expands to second tech company

According to Fox News, the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email has now expanded to include obtaining data from a second tech company, which is fully cooperating with the FBI probe that has threatened Clinton’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. 605 more words

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Customer Service Philosophy to Answer the Phone Live

Customer service is something you have to demonstrate, which is why we switched to answering the phones live this year. There are definitely increased costs, but those are far outweighed by a better customer experience. 337 more words


LAN Surveyor

LANsurveyor was a product from SolarWinds that has been discontinued. To fill your network mapping needs, Solarwinds has released a brand new network mapping tool called Network Topology Mapper. 194 more words

Get the best Managed IT services here!

In the current world, there is work done by computers more than human beings and that is why computers are very important tools that have sculpted the world into a better and a faster pace. 219 more words

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Using an MSP is not the same as outsourcing

There is a common misconception circulating that using a managed service provider (MSP) is outsourcing. It isn’t. A good working definition of outsourcing is, “To surrender an aspect of your company’s functionality to a third party.” For example, if you hire an outside firm to take care of your computer support, you have outsourced computer support because no one in your company participates in that activity. 881 more words


IBM makes it easy for Managed Service Providers

IBM’s Technical resources for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) makes it easy for MSPs to stay up to date with the latest technology and trends in the marketplace.  694 more words


5 Tips for Finding the One to Protect Your Customers' Data - Part 3

Stop playing the field and commit to single source disaster recovery
By Ian Masters, VP of Cloud & Strategic Alliances at Vision Solutions

In our previous blogs we talked about why it’s important to find the best disaster recovery match for your cloud environment. 347 more words

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