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Annual reports are getting longer, but are they more useful?

“Annual reports are getting longer but not necessarily more useful”.

Critically evaluate the above statement including comments from the current literature and debate, and provide examples from annual reports and make reference to the IASB conceptual framework, where appropriate to support your arguments. 915 more words


Ini Murah Atau Mahal Ya

Sering kali saat orang berbelanja, mereka menyatakan barang yang akan dibelinya itu mahal atau malah murah. Mereka menilai mahal atau murahnya barang itu hanya berdasarkan perbandingan harga barang yang akan dibelinya itu dibandingkan dengan barang lain yang sejenis. 632 more words

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Investment Appraisal, Part III: Inflation and Capital Rationing

Projects often require substantial initial investments, and companies may have limited financial resources – whether this be internally or externally generated. As such, the projects available to be taken are therefore restricted by the amount of capital available, and companies must assess each project and decide which projects to take to achieve the maximum return. 824 more words


Investment Appraisal, Part I: Payback Periods, ARR, NPV and IRR

Companies invest in projects all the time, whether they be short-term or long-term, but what defines a project to each company depends on the length of time capital is invested in a project relative to the company’s other investments. 1,857 more words


How independent are auditor's really?

Critically assess the role of the auditor and the requirement for an independent opinion in 2015. Identify two factors that impact on the perceived independence of auditors and critically evaluate the extent to which they have been resolved within the current UK regulatory framework. 3,360 more words

Linked In...not even safe

I searched my Linked In profile today for clues that would give someone the thought that I would possibly be interested in the porn industry, giving massages, meetings for sexual encounters, being hired as a secretary, or connecting with random people that have no bearing on my chosen profession.   808 more words

Engineering management may be the most unnatural act of all — TechCrunch

When it comes to software engineering, that management is best which manages least — to borrow Thoreau’s quip about government. While it’s rarely as easy as nodding at a brilliant developer and getting out of the way, the best systems are, like good software, minimalist and lightweight.

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