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What leads to resume fraud? Researchers cite 'job search envy'

A new study of people looking for work finds they are more likely to resort to resume fraud when they’re envious of their neighbor’s job search. 223 more words


Fostering Feedback

Do you want honest feedback?  Really?   You should.  What your organization produces is only as good as its participation, and no manager is better than the sum of themselves… 433 more words

An Excellent Example of a Gender Transition Policy that is Out of this World

At the risk of my consulting business I’ll call out one of the better gender transition policies available for public viewing.    In a similar way to being the first Agency to put a human on the moon, NASA has developed one of the first gender transition policies.   170 more words

Don't Flush Your Profits...

Transgender Bathroom Access and the Risk of Lawsuits

Jenni Contrisciani, MBA

According to a UCLA Law School study, there are approximately 700,000 transgender individuals in the United States.     787 more words

Why No One is Right in the Global Warming Debate

We’re not going to prevent global warming.  It’s that simple, and we’re just going to have to live with it.   Whether you believe that global warming is man-made or a natural global phenomena; it is happening and we won’t stop it.    749 more words

Transgender Employment and Job Seeking

Transgender Employment and Job Seeking

Transgender people comprise 0.3 % of American adults, or about 700,000 people, according to a 2011 study by the Williams Institute.     934 more words

Jenni Contrisciani

The Other Ag Sector Problem That Big Data Can Solve

The average city-poke thinks about farm labor as the last of a dying breed of worker — replaced by $700,000 combines and all sorts of fancy technology that.. 11 more words