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Why No One is Right in the Global Warming Debate

We’re not going to prevent global warming.  It’s that simple, and we’re just going to have to live with it.   Whether you believe that global warming is man-made or a natural global phenomena; it is happening and we won’t stop it.    749 more words

Transgender Employment and Job Seeking

Transgender Employment and Job Seeking

Transgender people comprise 0.3 % of American adults, or about 700,000 people, according to a 2011 study by the Williams Institute.     934 more words

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The Other Ag Sector Problem That Big Data Can Solve

The average city-poke thinks about farm labor as the last of a dying breed of worker — replaced by $700,000 combines and all sorts of fancy technology that.. 11 more words


You Didn’t Need Me then; I Don’t Need You Now

A national building supply firm decided to no longer solicit business from custom homebuilders. After the collapse of the housing market, when a salesman solicited a former customer’s business he was told, “You didn’t need me during good times and I don’t need you now.” 253 more words


How PlanGrid Is Disrupting The Paper-Dominated Construction Industry

A company that saw the potential in the iPad as a tool for work, not just play, is PlanGrid, a construction management software application that’s like a.. 9 more words



By James Carlini

A pragmatic, visionary perspective —–

Are you in an organization that uses a lot of “corporate speak”?  Does your management skirt around issues by using terms no one else knows except the people in your organization? 1,078 more words


Personal Time Administration Tactics For Your Personal Life-style

The submission of the report must be the final products to perform. You should plan your time and effort, established aims, come up with a approach, make lists of concerns to try and do and prioritize. 643 more words