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What if organizations evolved like people?

Based on Frederic Laloux’s inspiring book Reinventing Organizations, Peter Green has created a most enlightening visual arts video both summarizing Laloux’s work and translating it into a lesson of “Lean and Agile Adoption”. 58 more words


Why Management Education is preferred in Bangalore Colleges - MBA, BBA, BBM Admission

Why do your Management Programmes in a Business School in Bangalore.

Management education (MBA,BBA, BCOM,BBM) aspirants from different parts of the country throng Bangalore B-Schools because of world class teaching, excellent course patters in various streams and magnificent campuses. 524 more words

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Should I get an MBA?

In recent years, the MBA has become a buzzword – ambitious professionals from around the world find themselves almost obliged to consider an MBA as a next step in their professional development. 2,613 more words

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Why do Swiss universities bother about sustainability?

Perhaps because Swiss institutions of higher education want to continue to be relevant in the distant future? Perhaps massive online learning is about to replace universities?  989 more words


Some thoughts for AIMA event on 31st March 2015

Management Education: Design and Structure- The Way Ahead

Summarised as 3 key statements and 5 bulleted points for each. This is supplemented by some links to other readings. 263 more words

Climb high on the organization ladder with a management degree in finance

Finance has seen various transformations in the recent times. It is no more a lull and dull field of figures and calculations with a limited perspective of managing funds. 388 more words

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Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?

I recently read a fascinating book by Malcom Gladwell entitled “David and Goliath”. The subtitle of the book “Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants” gives a good idea of its content. 644 more words