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General Ledger Account Numbering System for more Informative Reporting

In my experience; I find it very common amongst bookkeepers that they do not use the general ledger accounting system’s numbering method to great extent. This, I think, is because in the olden days before computerisation the “books” were written up manually and the lesser quantity of GL accounts were preferred. 373 more words


Ask Anna - Presentation of Financial Data

Dear Anna, How do you present financial data to your Governors? Norma SBM

Dear Norma,

Before I start could I just give a shout out to anyone who isn’t an SBM and has just fallen across this post in all innocence. 552 more words

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Ask Anna - Tired of pinching pennies?

Dear Anna, I’ve been working as an SBM for 7 years and, to be quite honest, I’m getting really tired of having to manage every year with rising uncontrollable costs squeezing school funding so there is nothing left for anything other than the necessities. 797 more words

School Business Leadership