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School Buses and Rural Transit: What Can Be Done to Address the Rural Transit Problem?

School bus fleets remain an underutilized public resource and thousands of yellow buses sit idle for not only much of the school week, but for long periods of the calendar year. 846 more words

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Geht uns die Arbeit aus?

Interview im Wiesner-Hager Kundenmagazin “contact” November 2015  WH_Contact21_karner

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Perspectives on Steve Jobs as Employee, Manager & Leader (Post 3 of 5)

SCENE 2 – Steve As Manager – APPLE (JOBS 2013)

Steve’s Mercedes Benz spins around the corner of the Apple Inc. parking lot, and pulls into the parking spot closest to the front door; marked handicapped. 678 more words

Steve Jobs

Talent Squandering

A simple question – would you like your employees to feel more energized, focused, purposeful and contribute to the next chapter in your company? I would imagine we will get a resounding “yes” from senior leaders and HR. 166 more words


De-centrailisation and Purpose

Had recently read a note on the future of work by Thomas Malone, a professor at MIT.

The key take aways were build on the following two premises: 210 more words

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Innovative Innovation Program at Adobe

I stumbled upon this piece on the Fast Company website, which talks about a great initiative from Adobe to spark innovative ideas among its employees and get them to develop the ideas to yield business value. 295 more words