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Can you coach? No, seriously. Can you coach?

If you were to ask a sample of managers how important coaching is to success in their role, what do you think their answer would be? 358 more words

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The dreaded Annual Appraisal. Is the writing finally on the wall?

At last!  Could the end finally be in sight for that annual ritual dreaded by both managers and staff:  the Annual Appraisal?

You know the one:  the meeting you both hope will be over quickly, in which the manager loads up her gun with lots of surprise feedback ready to fire at the victim when they start arguing over what the performance rating for the year will be. 513 more words

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The Importance of Rapport in Coaching


Interesting read for managers who coach others but also for Teaching and Learning Coaches who are supporting colleagues.


My Apologies to the First Team I Supervised

Last weekend friends and I went to a restaurant and our conversation was interrupted by a child.  You’ve seen it yourself; sweaty, scrunched up face; flailing  legs and arms and screeching that digs down just like a dentist’s drill.   395 more words

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I bet you're not as smart as you think you are

So you think you’re smart.  You make logical well balanced decisions, and don’t let your intuition get in the way of logic.  That’s you: business minded, professional you might say. 675 more words

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How not to delegate.

As Christmas approaches and stores fill up with scary amounts of extra stock that they hope will all magically vanish by Christmas Eve, I find myself thinking about the time when I was put in charge of stock ordering for a major business.   681 more words

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