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Management Doers - A Retrospective

WhenI created the Management Thinkers series of articles, I always intended a proportion of the thinkers to be doers to: entrepreneurs, business leaders, and management practitioners. 565 more words

Management Thinkers

Management Thinkers - A Retrospective

Nearly 200 Great Management Minds

For over three years now, we’ve been running an extended series of articles about some of the finest management thinkers (and doers). 496 more words

Management Thinkers

Kenneth Thomas & Ralph Kilmann: Conflict Modes


Kenneth Thomas

Kenneth Thomas gained his BA from Pomona College in 1968, quickly becoming a research Fellow at Harvard for a year. He then started a PhD in Administrative Sciences at Purdue University, whilst holding a junior teaching position at University of California, Los Angeles. 751 more words

Management Thinkers

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones: Authentic Leadership

Why should anyone be led by you?

It’s a fair question. And here’s another:

Why should anyone work here?

These two strikingly simple and obvious questions have been answered rather well, by two British management thinkers, Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones. 786 more words

Management Thinkers

Tom Peters & Robert Waterman: In Search of Excellence

Management literature is chock-full of books about the best companies and how to emulate them. Arguably the best of all these books is Tom Peters’ and Robert Waterman’s In Search of Excellence. 785 more words

Management Thinkers

Robert Kaplan & David Norton: Balanced Scorecard

Take two electrical engineers. Put one into a management consulting role and the other into academia. Mix them up, and what do you get?

Yes, it is a trick question. 724 more words

Management Thinkers

Spencer Johnson: Cheesy Parables

The One Minute Manager series is a landmark in book publishing and popular management education. We’ve covered it already in our assessment of one of its two authors, … 656 more words

Management Thinkers