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"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

                                             I was recently enquiring one of my friends about his dog and he shared with me an interesting attitude of the dog – it always barked louder than usual whenever it wanted to get my friend’s attention. 610 more words


How To: An ME/CFS Friendly Wedding Part 1

Planning a wedding is a big task for anyone. For someone with ME/CFS it poses its own challenge, namely ‘how am I going to get through the biggest day of my life without completely breaking myself’? 1,268 more words


6 Tips for Smarter, More Affordable Business Travel| By |Brian Hughes

If you’re like me and log a lot of miles for work, the “romance” of business travel has likely been replaced with an endless barrage of uncomfortable hotel beds, flight delays, missed connections, and sub-par coffee. 864 more words


The dangers of stonewalling when being asked a question

As lawyers, we know we cannot predict certain results.  What a judge or jury might do as it relates to a case can be highly variable.   491 more words


How Product Owners Can Use Predictive Insights to Optimize the App Experience| By |Bryn Adler

The way customers use apps is fundamentally different than how they interact with your organization across other channels. As a product owner, you know this to your core, and have created an app with that in mind  – one designed to meet the needs of mobile customers and ensure that their experience is rich with features that engage. 1,032 more words


Successful Strategic Planning

In my last blog post, I wrote about how to improve your strategic thinking skills. While this is a necessary leadership capability, as a leader you are also likely going to engage others to determine the future direction of your department or organization, because: 684 more words


Virto Resource Utilization Gantt ? a New Web Part for Effective Resource Management in Microsoft SharePoint

VirtoSoftware expands its SharePoint product line presenting Virto Resource Utilization Gantt – a new light-weight interactive Silverlight-based web part that provide SharePoint users with a variety of tools for resource management and online utilization tracking. 6 more words