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Making sense of prison 34

It was a time when I could use the term ‘social work’ without being immediately dismissed as a dinosaur resisting the modern focus on risk and offender management. 204 more words

Different Hues of Happiness

Quite a few CEOs, when they wake up the day after having secured a crucial business deal, experience a sense of calm happiness within. The flowers are in full bloom, the sun shines with due benevolence, the birds and the bees hop around doing what Mother Nature has ordained them to do, God is in heaven and all appears to be fine with the world. 1,188 more words

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Develop Your Team

If you could strategically pick people to create the ultimate team would the people on your team now make the cut? If they would, why would they? 403 more words


From ride-sharing, now there’s Job-Sharing!

The AirBnB & Uber business models are introducing transformation to every industry and sector. Now, there’s Job-Sharing! How is that even possible? Check out this article to find out more..

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The cycles of my professional life

When I started working at GitHub back in 2010, I moved away from a 12 year career in programming. I was going into technical support. I was the second support person at GitHub, and the first outside of the US. 836 more words

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Post Fire Blues

BRILL-BRA was beside himself with rage. It became clear that his entire village would be destroyed. Damned Veritas, he thought, I will destroy every last one of them if it’s my last act on earth. 1,953 more words


5 Cost Saving Tricks to Reduce AWS Cloud Hosting Bill By Mark Runyon

Mingled among the multitude of reasons to move from on premise hosting to the cloud is often cost savings. Cloud economics are traditionally looked at through cost savings and efficiencies gained. 1,463 more words