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Sunk Cost: Not so bad

Last year, I sat in a leadership talk where the speaker told us to ignore the sunk cost and choose what is better or best. It struck a chord in me, and that’s why this is going up on my blog. 522 more words


Make it happen #2

I’ve had my fair share of PC/tech problems over the past decade. Unfortunately for me, my tech saviour guru has had to go back to Singapore because of the pandemic and so I’m left on my own. 453 more words

For A Laugh

A Year in Fast Food is Too Long

Well, it’s had it’s ups and downs for sure, but overall it’s been kind of great having my nueva familia I’ve come to grow with and love. 719 more words


Podcast Of The Week: Investing And Acquiring Like The Best

Acquired has joined my podcast stream in the past few months. They do deep dives into businesses and their back story. Some recent favorites have been on the history of the NBA and Epic Games. 91 more words

How to use "Fishbone Diagram", Learn Fishbone Diagram Faster

Fishbone Diagram Training Banner

What is Fishbone Diagram ?

Fishbone Diagram, an interesting name. It looks like a fish. Fishbone Diagram is one of the best techniques used in root cause analysis. 279 more words


Footnotes Featured: S.D. Reed

Welcome back to the next blog in this Footnotes Featured series!

Interviews often follow the same pattern and ask the same questions, so I wanted to do something a little different to share with you! 897 more words