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eaForms - using the eaForms action buttons !!

A couple of weeks ago I outlined my view on the usefulness of lists when editing EA elements. In that post I illustrated the ability to add buttons to an eaForm which could be used to initiate some action such as adding a property.   775 more words


Rapper Lil Durk's Manager Uchenna "OTF Chino" Agina Slain in Chicago Avalon Park

Lil Durk’s Manager OTF Chino, real name Uchenna Agina, was shot and killed in Chicago last night (March 27).

The Chicago Tribune reports that at about 1:50 a.m., a 24-year-old man was shot multiple times while sitting in a car outside a restaurant in Avalon Park. 203 more words


Office Politics are a pain...

in the patchouli but it comes with the terrain.

An office is like a playground. Remember primary school, everyone has their cliques and friends. The problem with an office in comparison to the playground, is that if someone literally is just awful, you can’t really say anything. 1,072 more words


Can everyone in my team love what they do?

Several great leaders have advised us to follow our passion, listen to the heart; and loads of research have been done to prove that passion added to the intention produces great results. 551 more words

Lil' Durk's Manager Chino Dolla Shot and Killed in Chicago

Lil Durk’s manager Uchenna Agina,24, was fatally shot while sitting in his vehicle early Friday morning, according to Chicago Sun Times.

Uchenna, known to friends as OTF Chino, was sitting in his red Chevy Camaro around 1:50 a.m. 138 more words

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Eric Shelton of Texas - Business Strategy

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman and co-owner of his own well servicing company in the energy industry. Eric has been in the energy field working in and around Texas for many years of his professional career, developing a strong set of skills in the process. 248 more words

Eric Shelton Texas