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Dr. Matthew Weed On the Cover and Featured in Diabetes Forecast July/August Issue

Dr. Matthew Weed On the Cover and Featured in Diabetes Forecast July/August Issue

This Healthy Living Magazine helps millions with diabetes by offering tips, alternatives and health management guidance for those affected and their loved ones. 984 more words

Control Diabetes With Capsicum !

There are many ways of managing diabetes. Some people like to go for medical management, others like to go the natural way. There’s a very interesting diet method for those who prefer the later. 17 more words


Soda Crackers

For the past year my son has been struggling with High Blood Sugar.

There’s an array of reasons — from the physiological to adolescent ignorance but at the end of that 6 second beep of the testing meter — the reason why becomes irrelevant until after the correction is made. 413 more words


Mi Band – A diabetic’s perspective

(This is not about the specifications and a lot of geeky stuff that you would find in any tech review)

Mi Band is a fitness tracker developed by Xiaomi. 1,026 more words


What’s in a diabetic’s bag ?

Well, a diabetic’s life shouldn’t be a mystery. The more we share about it, the more people will know about the efforts that go into our everyday routine. 527 more words


Could someone you know be at risk, too?

View these common symptoms to see if you or someone you know is at risk. 

Slow healing

Vein damage occurs when irregular large amounts of glucose are in the blood. 308 more words

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  1. The word “diabetes” is Greek for “siphon,” which refers to the copious urine of uncontrolled diabetes. “Mellitus” is Latin for “honey” or “sweet,” a name added when physicians discovered that the urine from people with diabetes is sweet with glucose.
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