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Interesting Facts you might not have known...

  1. The word “diabetes” is Greek for “siphon,” which refers to the copious urine of uncontrolled diabetes. “Mellitus” is Latin for “honey” or “sweet,” a name added when physicians discovered that the urine from people with diabetes is sweet with glucose.
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Increasing the Protein and Lowering the Sugar

I’ve decided to give a Nutritionalist a try, in an effort to control my sugar levels better. Although she’s lovely, and I’ve learnt some things, I still find no one really knows how to manage sugar levels for those of us with Type 1 Diabetes. 517 more words


Teach Your Parents Well

If you have a child with t1d, I’m sure you have had many trials, heartache, and challenges.  Just getting your child to eat, test, and bolus when he or she should can be an insurmountable task.   421 more words


A (Vicious) Grieving Cycle

When you have type 1 diabetes, you experience a special kind of grieving that seems to keep repeating itself. I’ve been diabetic for 4 decades, and I’ve found that this process has occurred so many times I can’t count. 533 more words


Sometimes to find the solution, you have to take a second look at the questions.

This talk is extremely insightful. Peter Attia’s personal and professional experience with insulin resistance and diabetes is truly remarkable.

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The Diabetes Solution

This is a review that of a book that I found to be a wonderful resource.  As I move along on this blog, this book will become very helpful. 439 more words

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Looking for a good cause?

Too often a person’s health results from their current living situation. The Diabetes Program is helping to stop that. The Diabetes Wellness Program serves 400 people per month on average through a mobile clinic that conducts screenings, dispenses food and provides nutrition education. 18 more words

Health & Wellness Tips