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Apologies for everything

“Apologies for everything..

The harsh words, the nasty emails.. the tough work..

The bitter truths and the stingy approach…

All it was done to make you succeed.. 125 more words

Thank god for Centrepay

I’m happy to blast the federal government for their petty, heartless antics, but I’ll just say this:

Thank you for the Dole. Thank you for Centrepay. 539 more words

Attitudes And Culture

Tip 2

If you are a student, then you’d probably want to know how to manage your money. I had my first job when I was 16, but never used the money earned, because I didn’t really have the need to. 589 more words

The Financially Confident Woman review

Everyone must deal with finances at some point in their lives, sometimes in positive ways and other times in negative ways. The question is, do we have the confidence to control our money, making wise and balanced decisions about spending, saving, investing, etc.? 413 more words

Book Reviews

Econ: Managing Money

To manage your money well, you need to know some basic information, use some common sense, and then take action. First, set up a budget. Make a list of your income and expenses. 19 more words


Out with the old and in with the new! Shoestring Cottage resolutions for 2015

I love the new year! So much scope for new beginnings and renewed hope to make the changes in our lives that we need to, whether to improve our health, our relationships, our work situation or our finances. 504 more words

Money Saving

I'm Twenty and I'm Broke: The Series

You’re young, an adult. The world seems to be your oyster and a lot of times it is. But being so young and inexperience and without guidance, your journey into your twenties may become a rollar coaster of unexpected and sometimes unimaginable events. 624 more words