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Rollover Budgeting

Rollover budgeting has been one of the most effective ways to pay off debt for my household. It’s a simple concept and it only takes the money you have already been paying each month. 124 more words

Managing Money

PF: Managing Money

To manage your money well, you need to know some basic information, use some common sense, and then take action. First, set up a budget. Make a list of your income and expenses.  445 more words

Personal Finance

Top 5 Tips Series: How to save money

So this is a practise what you preach post because I really need to perfect this one. Don’t worry though, these are tips which have been suggested by saving experts. 168 more words


Doesn't Hurt to Ask

Something I’m not very good at:  Saving money.

Something I’m working on:  Saving money.

It’s just a struggle for me but like any struggle I recognize it and work on it with the hopes that in the future it’s less of a struggle for me. 422 more words

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Tips on Monitoring, Saving, & Budgeting Finances

Let's break it down...

I have been using an Excel sheet like this for years in order to monitor and keep track of my finances. I am paid monthly, so I record my monthly income and deduct the bill amounts and anything else out and then record my total balance. 360 more words


Top 5 Tips: Creating a budget

So just to give some context to this blog post, a year ago I had no budget. No plan, no idea how much money was going in and out of my account each month. 508 more words


How I Like to Start a New Year: Part One

Like most people I like to start the year with a goal. It didn’t take much thought for me to come up with one and I have chosen to  459 more words