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Financial Planning for the baby's future

Once the baby comes along, there are so many things that we try to keep track of – feeding, weight gains, vaccinations, growth milestones etc. As this roller coaster takes its own course, it is always a good idea to pause and decide how would you like to secure your baby’s future. 670 more words


Financial Planning for Pregnancy-2

Medical Expenses are an integral part of Pregnancy. There are the regular pre-natal check-ups, ultrasound and blood tests, supplements and then the big hospitalization. As I went through my pregnancy, there were several tips I picked up on how to save on these expenses – from friends and from my personal experience. 649 more words


Financial Planning for a Pregnancy - 1

When I learned that I was expecting, there was an initial rush of giddiness. Once that passed, I realized the huge journey that I would now undertake with the new soul in my life.  511 more words


5 ways to trick yourself into saving

When it comes to saving money, it can sometimes feel like you have to give something up in order to make any progress—but it’s hard to maintain motivation if you feel like you’re constantly depriving yourself. 557 more words


Stardom and financial solidity

Stardom and financial solidity

2 October 2017

We all have watched movies and some of us may have envied the stars for being in a job that joined passion and profitability but probably few of us ever thought about how these stars managed their finances. 351 more words

Be Frugal, Not Cheap, And Keep Your Friends In The Process

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The comparison of a frugal versus cheap lifestyle is in order as there tend to be some misconceptions. 993 more words

Checking Accounts For Your Relationship

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Mine, yours, and ours – no, it’s not quite Valentine’s Day yet!  1,265 more words