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Friday's Feedback: Now It's Your Turn 01-13-17

Today, I would like to hear back from you. Which of my posts have you liked the best so far? What would you like me to talk about next time or in the near future? 107 more words


Thursday's Throw Away: Wearing Mini Hats 01-12-17

If I were to ask you what you do, what would you say? Think about it. For me, I’d say I’m a full time wife and mom, housekeeper, CFO of the Deloney family, Wednesday night cook at church, reception volunteer at church, (now) blogger, and whatever else in between. 143 more words


The "B" Word

I bet you’re thinking, “What ‘B’ word is she talking about? Where is this going?” Some would consider this word to be awful and cringe at the sound of it. 329 more words


Wednesday's Wisdom: What Do I Do Now? 01-11-17

┬áIs there something you’re going through at home, work, school, church, or maybe with friends? If you’re struggling with something, and have no clue how to handle it or what step you should take next, don’t worry. 85 more words


Money: getting/spending/saving it

By Caitlin Kelly

One of my pleasures is enjoying culture — and yes, it costs money!

A friend recently saw an ATM receipt that left her gobsmacked — $139,000 — in the hands of a young woman, maybe in her 20s. 812 more words


Day 2 and already I am struggling

Hi everybody,

Despite the fact that the year is only 2 days old I have had some pretty big spending struggles.

The first happened yesterday. My boyfriend needed more printer paper, so we added some to our food shop from a certain well known supermarket and I was about to give him half the money when I panicked. 780 more words

Creating An Emergency Fund

Having an emergency fund is a crucial part of becoming debt free and achieving financial independence. One of the first pieces of advice you will receive when you talk about money and budgeting is to have a back up plan/contingency fund/emergency fund in place 1,171 more words

Emergency Savings