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Stardom and financial solidity

Stardom and financial solidity

2 October 2017

We all have watched movies and some of us may have envied the stars for being in a job that joined passion and profitability but probably few of us ever thought about how these stars managed their finances. 351 more words

Be Frugal, Not Cheap, And Keep Your Friends In The Process

The comparison of a frugal versus cheap lifestyle is in order as there tend to be some misconceptions, which I will try to address in this article.  611 more words

Checking Accounts For Your Relationship

Mine, yours, and ours – no, it’s not quite Valentine’s Day yet! I’m referring to the checking accounts that you may have set up between you and your significant other. 721 more words

The Equifax Hack: What It Brought To My Attention


Is it normal that the Equifax hack didn’t affect me very emotionally, other than mere annoyance? I remember getting an early morning text from my husband. 579 more words

Making the most of your money. 10 free tips to save!

Making the most of your money. 10 free tips to save!

Hello everyone!

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If you clicked on this blog chances are you’re looking for some really good tips on how to Make the most of your money. 931 more words


Health Savings Account (HSA), Investing In Your Health Plan

Working in the corporate world, your employer may provide options to fund your retirement and health savings. An option that was provided to me a couple years before I left my last employer was the opportunity to utilize a Health Savings Account (HSA). 416 more words

Variety Of Tools To Manage Your Financial Health

I am always interested in learning about the tools people like to use to manage their finances, if any at all.  It would drive me bonkers if there was no organization within my finances, because I am essentially the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of my household.  760 more words