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Silly little elephant

For many a day I’ve been struggling to come up with hat to write for my first blog post. That’s when I realised that writing about what I’m going to be writing about, well it’s a bit silly to be honest. 628 more words


Trying to save

I'm a bit of a catastrophizer and always go to the worst case scenario. But I'm also a bit of an impulse (read: emotional) buyer. These two things aren't working out very well for me. 632 more words

Lifestyle + Life Coaching | Penny Power: Learn To Stretch Your Funds Further

There’s no doubt about it; money makes the world go around. For people who have plenty of money, the green stuff never seems to be an issue – why would it be? 606 more words


"Real Lives, Real Money" Is Your Guide to Wealth

Being a millennial, we are in the days of coming into our careers and building our future. Many of us are moving up in our jobs, are experiencing new income, and even more responsibilities especially when it comes to our finances. 265 more words


Emergency Budget

Having an emergency fund is a crucial part of becoming debt free and achieving financial independence. One of the first pieces of advice you will receive when you talk about money and budgeting is to have a back up plan/emergency fund in place 1,118 more words

Managing Money

15 Life Skills You Need To Learn Before Heading To College

In college you may experience many things you may have never experienced before. In the past, you may have relied on your parents to help. However, if you’re moving away and planning to live on campus, your parents won’t be there to help you with everything. 1,269 more words