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A Debt Free Life

Debt Is A Heavy Load

I’m working toward a debt free life. I’m working on managing my money. I’m working on not using “shopping therapy” to help me feel better when I’m down. 1,030 more words


APMacro: Managing Money

    To manage your money well, you need to know some basic information, use some common sense, and then take action. First, set up a budget. Make a list of your income and expenses. 19 more words

AP Macro

Two Finance Lessons from Mothers

(This column was first published on Value Research India.)

The world celebrated Mother’s Day last Sunday, with almost everyone heralding mothers as the most important person in their lives. 457 more words


Importance of Managing Money for the Youth

In the course of a conversation I had recently with people of my age (60 +) the topic turned, as it often will, to the youth of today. 309 more words

#BEDM Challenge: Top Tips For Managing Money

This is a step away from the usual subjects I cover on the blog, but as I’ve said before, I want to use the #BEDM Challenge as an opportunity to try new things and (as it says in the title) to challenge myself! 693 more words


Thank God for Centrepay

I’m happy to blast the federal government for their petty, heartless antics, but I’ll just say this:

Thank you for the Dole. Thank you for Centrepay. 539 more words


Financial Literacy for Children

Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. They’re both important and schools are forgetting one of them”–Robert Kiyosaki

A child ripped up his allowance money because it wasn’t the amount he was promised by his mom… 618 more words