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Back to the Scene of the Crime?

Time’s flown incredibly fast. I just realised that I’m now in the third month of this new job – and with it has come a new challenge: returning to manage the library where I was previously “just one of the guys”. 278 more words


How to prevent people from lying to you

People lie. Some people tell the odd white lie; some lie so they don’t have to tell a difficult truth (to themselves or someone else); some people lie habitually. 427 more words

Personal Skills

Questions for Exit Interviews

The last couple of weeks I’ve conducted several exit interviews for the companies or non-profits I work with.  This required me to scour my own files and ask my connections for questions they’ve either used before or questions they’d wish they had asked.   223 more words

How to Make Your Change Effort Fail

If there was a Hall of Fame for closeout presentations, this one would be a top-seller in the gift shop.

The production group that manufactured one of the planet’s most recognizable consumer products was overwhelmed by complexity, and was looking for ways to improve logistics across three different factories. 1,290 more words

Project Management

The blame game

You’ve probably seen the diagram of a small circle, labelled ‘Things you can control’ with a larger circle around it, labelled ‘Things you can affect’ and a much larger circle around that, labelled ‘Things you can neither control nor affect’. 486 more words

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Rensis Likert: Participative Management

Rensis Likert made an important contribution to management in the 1960s, which was to influence many large corporations in the US and Japan. Do you: 857 more words

Management Thinkers

How to get what you want without nagging

Would you rather I asked you:

  • Reader, remember that you promised to exercise more this year.
  • Reader, are you going to exercise this year?
  • 420 more words