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How hard can it be?

Most of us, when on the receiving end of being managed, have much to say about the way in which our managers treat us. And on the whole, we are not being complimentary. 499 more words

Management Development

Hire for strength

Video 10: Hiring

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This is our tenth video. How are we doing? We have added a transcript of the video for the first time. 467 more words

Managing People

Preaching to the converted

The converted. Let’s define them those who have helped to improve some feature of their work area, and who are now trying to make sure the improvements are sustained. 233 more words

How to give feedback to a colleague

Video 8: Feedback

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The bitter medicine of feedback is not about being nice or positive but about showing commitment and support. 164 more words


Running productive meetings with remote attendees

Video 7: Remote Meetings

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The most difficult meeting to manage are ones where some attendees dial in, while most attend in person. 147 more words


When the best thing, as a manager, is to stay away

Edited excerpt from Adam Bryant’s interview of Lew Cirne, chief executive of New Relic:

I can get emotional at work, and there have been times that I’ve said something in a moment of frustration that can ruin someone’s week.

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Managing People

Top Tips For Mentoring

Top Tips For Mentoring

To really make your Mentoring offer work are you following the points below?

  • Be yourself and be confident that you have valuable knowledge and experience to share.
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