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Management 101 : Bad job with a Good Boss is better than a Good Job with a Bad Boss!

People management is probably the most difficult job in my opinion.¬† What I meant is for someone who is passionate about people management. What happens to someone who are not passionate about people management and when they are asked to suddenly manage a set of people who are experienced (May be 10+, 15+ years) and /or are a bunch of Alpha’s? 687 more words

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The purpose of a management team

Video 13: Building the Management Team

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A management team is not just the collection of the top leaders. 715 more words


Talks to continue on Hial airport security staff pay

Industrial action occurs when employee relations hit an all time low, read the article for more information on industrial action and answer the questions that follow. 80 more words

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Status Quo or Character ?

Leadership does not comes with status quo. Leadership does not come with Position. Leadership does NOT come in Suits. They come with Brains and Characters. One have to learn about Leadership first. 31 more words


The best encouragement is often free

Video 12: Giving Praise

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An authentic expression of gratitude for a great accomplishment can be hugely motivating. 456 more words


How hard can it be?

Most of us, when on the receiving end of being managed, have much to say about the way in which our managers treat us. And on the whole, we are not being complimentary. 499 more words

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Six practices for job interviews 

Video 11: Interviewing Job Candidates

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Interviewing job candidates is difficult. You must sell them on what you have to offer and assess them on their suitability in a short time.  748 more words