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It's not what you say... it's how you say it

From the words you choose to the tone of your voice and even your facial expressions and body language while you’re speaking — they all factor in to how a colleague responds to what you’re saying.

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Managing People

Don't wait to retire, to retire!

What the heck is this guy talking about? Don’t wait to retire to retire…how is that possible?  In a nutshell the point is that we are given a short term on earth. 495 more words

Understand your team

Everyday we come and go from work and most if not all of us have questions about why you seem to be able to connect with some teammates better than others. 388 more words

Contributor or detractor

Every day we have choices to make in the job we do and the impact we make. A couple things I’d like you all to think about whatever walk in life you are taking… 418 more words

They will serve cake

This some what is a spin off of yesterdays comments on not waiting to retire, to retire. It’s interesting as I have worked through my career and indispensable we think we have become. 359 more words

Good leaders go positive.

by Mary Marshall, CEO Coach

Good leaders know that inspiring people has a lot to do with focusing on the positive vs. the negative. Unfortunately, many of us are predisposed to focus on the negative and give it more worth or value than the positive. 116 more words

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