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Too many chiefs?

A quick reflection on what I heard loads over various media outlets last weekend. You may have heard it too if you’re into sports, or just happen to have the radio or TV on at the wrong time! 270 more words


Emotional Intelligence In A Thumbnail

Emotional Intelligence In A Thumbnail

Based on Daniel Goleman’s high level model of Emotional Intelligence (EI) highlights four key components used by skilful managers to work with and get the best possible from their staff. 138 more words


Why is Non Verbal Communication So Important?

Why is Non Verbal Communication So Important?

We are constantly being bombarded with different messages all day, every day. We receive sales messages all of the time even if we are unaware of the “sell” message. 396 more words


The two secrets to being assertive

Whether you’re helping someone improve their work performance, counselling an employee who smells of cigarettes or because of poor personal hygiene, or owning up to missing a deadline or making a mistake, you need to be assertive about it. 271 more words

Chapter 06: Strengthening Your Personal Skills

How To Run An Effective Meeting

Running An Effective Meeting

Before you even think about what the meeting is about consider the following points;

  1. Set the meeting’s intention in advance: what exactly do you want to accomplish?
  2. 177 more words

Stakeholder Management - impacting your career?

I met John at the cafe the other day. (i’m sure you know its not his real name). I love my Latte and tiny little deserts. 38 more words