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12 Practical Steps to Leading with High Trust

(Guest Author Richard Fagerlin for Real. Simple. Leadership)

We’ve talked about how high-trust relationships start with you, the person who wants high trust, giving trust to another person without knowing whether you’ll get anything in return. 862 more words


Twelve Resolutions for a Better 2017

Over two decades ago, chock-a-block full of optimism, my regional director and I crafted the following “Resolutions” for ourselves and our colleagues.

We were in the middle of a grand experiment to restore the culture – the “heart” – of our business, and frequently tried new ways to engage the spirit of the team and inspire them to “step up” (in the parlance of the day). 389 more words

Managing People

Seeking Balance with 'People Problems'

Part Three of Three

A Six Minute Read

It is easy to treat “people problems” as disciplinary issues, chalking up the cause of the problem to the employees… 1,293 more words

Managing People

Expect Better

Part Two of Three

A Six Minute Read

Using problem investigations as modern-day witch hunts, to find and assign blame, is simply bad troubleshooting.  Nevertheless, whether an employee’s actions are the primary root cause, or he is just at the controls when things go wrong, “people” and “problems” go hand in hand. 1,218 more words

Managing People

Good Investigators Don't Search for the Who

Part One of Three

A Four Minute Read

In her excellent book The Crash Detectives, journalist Christine Negroni surveys a century’s worth of aviation disasters, and the investigations into their causes. 997 more words

Managing People

Back to the Scene of the Crime?

Time’s flown incredibly fast. I just realised that I’m now in the third month of this new job – and with it has come a new challenge: returning to manage the library where I was previously “just one of the guys”. 278 more words


How to prevent people from lying to you

People lie. Some people tell the odd white lie; some lie so they don’t have to tell a difficult truth (to themselves or someone else); some people lie habitually. 427 more words

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