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Technical problems can almost always be solved, but people problems are hard

By Jim Grey (about)

I’ll never forget the revelation it was when I figured out how to write computer programs. You mean, I thought,  647 more words

Managing People

Honest conversations

As a leader-manager, you no doubt want to be open and honest with your team members. Here are some conversation starters.

Especially with new team members, contractors or temporary workers, and with team members whose performance is merely average, explain how you measure the success of their performance. 360 more words

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Resilience Training

When I became a boss, not so very long ago, I was determined to be the best damn boss I could be. I was going to be the kindest, smartest, most on to it manager my team had ever seen. 795 more words

Leading and managing people older than yourself

Are any of your direct reports older than yourself? Chances are high, and getting higher, that this is the case.


A study in the Journal of Organizational Behavior examined the emotions experienced by 8000 employees in 61 German companies in a range of industries. 165 more words

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Managers who manage least, manage best (Part 2)

Hear in the words of one business person the value of taking the time to find the right people and coaching them so they succeed.

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Managing People

Secrets to Managing a Store Successfully: Part I

Retail is a complex and challenging business, posing problems ranging from inventory management to theft prevention. When coupled with falling prices inspired by major retailers, like Amazon, and the rising costs of labor, there are a variety of pitfalls facing modern retail businesses. 1,118 more words