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Managing people who are not your direct reports

Whether you are implementing a new strategy, a new system, or a new process, you will eventually need to manage people outside your team. And depending on their priorities and pressures, your needs may be met with indifference or resistance. 1,248 more words

Building Relationships

Two Sales Persons

Mukesh and Anil joined a company together a few months after their graduation from university.

After a few years of work, their Manager promoted Mukesh to a position of Senior Sales Manager, but Anil remained in his entry level Junior Sales Officer position. 481 more words


5 Ways You Can Manage Individual Differences

Just consider for a moment all the ways you are different and diverse from everyone else around you. Your gender, age, culture, education, peer group, appearance, religion, experiences, personality, parents, siblings, mental toughness, resilience, knowledge, confidence, interests, hobbies, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, mental health, physical health, fixed or growth mindset, values……etc etc. 713 more words

Leadership: Facts and Reality

by Mary Marshall, CEO Coach

Leaders frequently become frustrated because those who are meant to follow; employees, constituents, members, followers, etc., often don’t see things the same as they do… 491 more words


6 'Must Read' lists for a first time manager

Becoming a Manager is a big deal.  Like, a really big deal.

Far too often, the step from ‘individual contributor’ to Manager is glossed over, rushed, assumed, or forced. 253 more words


12 Practical Steps to Leading with High Trust

(Guest Author Richard Fagerlin for Real. Simple. Leadership)

We’ve talked about how high-trust relationships start with you, the person who wants high trust, giving trust to another person without knowing whether you’ll get anything in return. 862 more words


Twelve Resolutions for a Better 2017

Over two decades ago, chock-a-block full of optimism, my regional director and I crafted the following “Resolutions” for ourselves and our colleagues.

We were in the middle of a grand experiment to restore the culture – the “heart” – of our business, and frequently tried new ways to engage the spirit of the team and inspire them to “step up” (in the parlance of the day). 389 more words

Managing People