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Managing Your Time At Work

How many times have you heard the term Time Management? About a million? Yeah me, too. I always assumed that it was something for people who had more control over their life than I did. 817 more words


College Meal Plans ~ What Not To Do!!

College meal plans are usually one of the worst ways students gain weight, specifically freshmen. Not only do freshmen have a cultural shock experience, they most likely will have a college meal plan since they are living in the dorms, so they are tempted with cheap, unhealthy food that is easily accessible. 379 more words

Woes of a working mum

It’s been a long hiatus due to my busy schedule. Because I’ve committed the faux pas of having a kid and taking masters at the same time, I’m suffering from the results of it.  304 more words

Managing Time

Happy March! New Month, New Start

This week will be a little different than the ones before because it is about personal honesty so here goes nothing.

For me personally, this February was one of the hardest, most painful months of my entire life. 333 more words

Backwards Inspo

“And that’s the effect of living backwards,” she said. “hahaaaa!”
Who? The White Queen. In Alice in Through the Looking Glass. It’s just a movie in a complete fantasty-style-story, but that line has stuck with me for quite some time. 959 more words

About Me, The Photographer

Managing your time

Time management is another very important part of being a virtual assistant. In most cases, you are working with very little to no supervisor, so you must be good at managing your own time. 353 more words

Managing Time and Being Productive

I’ve almost hit the midway mark of my winter semester of school, and I am really feeling the pressure of balancing weekly assignments, major projects, and prepping for midterms. 472 more words