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Post #102. The Dreamer & The Doer - How Are They Getting Along?

“Potential unexpressed turns into pain.”
– Robin Sharma

“The longer you live a ‘safe’ life, the more your goals, potential, and any sense that your life has meaning all fade away and eventually seem beyond reach. 248 more words

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Post #101. How to Shape Our Destiny With Less Stress & More Certainty

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”
– Tony Robbins



Hope you’re doing great.

Being focused… Being kind… Staying true. 370 more words

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How I Learned to Manage my Time as a New Mom

I get asked pretty often how I manage my time with a baby. I am a new mom, and I don’t have it all down, but I have worked really hard since having my little boy to manage my days and make the most of my time with my husband, Tommy, and my son, Ben. 1,074 more words


A few thoughts upon returning home....

Our annual Midwestern holiday has come and gone, and while I have a couple of posts in mind, first I need to work up to that sort of mental exercise.   320 more words


Post #95. Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis is when we procrastinate on making a decision because we have “too many options” and want to make the “right decision”.

I believe this will be a great challenge in our age of infinite possibilities. 197 more words

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Post #93. Use Your Inner Freedom

“We always have a choice about the contents and character of our inner lives.”
–  Epíktētos, Greek Stoic Philosopher, AD 50 -135

Our inner lives… 228 more words

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Post #90. How to Clarify Your Mission

Try this process to discover what you’re menat to do, who you’re meant to serve. 

I believe this is where a deeper sense of meaning, passion & direction is to be found, in serving others in a way that is meaningful to you. 173 more words

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