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What money means to me as The DIY Millionaire

I’ll tell you what money means to me, but what does money mean for you? Think about it.

We all have our own specific relationships with money – some are productive, some stressful, and some ambivalent. 705 more words

DIY Investing

What five 401(k) details do you need to know now?

Your 401(k) is a great vehicle to use to plan and invest for retirement. There are 5 facts about your 401(k) that you need to know to invest like a DIY millionaire. 413 more words


This one simple money habit makes all the difference in having a comfortable retirement

Planning ahead is hard when you’re broke. But planning ahead may be the best way to stop being broke and start building a solid financial future. 825 more words

Personal Finance

Adults in wealthy nations don't expect their kids will earn more

Wealthy countries are generally happier than their peers in the developing world about today’s economy, though they are far less upbeat about prospects for the next generation, a new study shows. 188 more words

Personal Finance

Robo advisors are taking the emotion out of wealth management — but not everyone thinks that's a good thing

In the feast of financial advice offered by the wealth management industry, robo advisors are the McDonald’s of financial information. Like stock brokers and professional portfolio managers, mutual fund account sales folks and the occupants of back offices at your corner bank, robo advisors suggest what kinds of investments to make. 978 more words

Mutual Funds

Confronting the ‘wonderful’ problem of the too-large RRSP

Compared to the wealth-accumulation years, the “work optional” years leading up to full retirement can be fraught with trade-offs and difficult decisions.

When you’re a salaried employee, building wealth is straightforward: you simply set up a pre-authorized chequing (PAC) arrangement and divert part of your regular paycheque to savings, whether that be a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), a Tax-free Savings Account (TFSA) or both. 805 more words

Managing Wealth