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Divorce is never easy and your heart may be broken, but that doesn't mean your wallet needs to be too

The average cost of an uncontested divorce is $1,845, but a contested divorce can cost anywhere from $6,145 to $87,974, with the average being $13,638, according to Canadian Lawyer’s 2015 legal fees survey. 1,358 more words

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'Interest rates are falling down, falling down...': Start them young on financial literacy, says top economist

The chief economist for Toronto-Dominion Bank is calling for financial literacy education as early as kindergarten and says teachers need to be better trained to deal with the subject. 633 more words

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When boomers should turn the taps off (or on) when it comes to financial assistance for their kids

For many baby boomers on the cusp of retirement, the issue arises about what kind of financial assistance – if any – they should extend to their millennial (or Gen X) children. 833 more words


Long term optimism: Why you need to take a step back from your portfolio at times of drastic change

I have to admit I’m surprised the U.S. stock market hasn’t fallen more than it has this morning in light of Donald Trump’s historic electoral triumph. 664 more words

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Tightrope walkers know that getting onto a platform should be easy — it’s balancing that requires a little extra effort.

It’s a good analogy for online investing. 775 more words

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Choice is generally seen as a good thing. However, faced with a wide range of choices in online investing platforms, some potential self-directed investors are choosing not to choose. 656 more words

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Why it's not time to celebrate the new investment-fee disclosure rules just yet

Finally. Canadians will soon get clarity on what they’re paying for investment advice, along with better information on performance. At least, that’s what the roll out of the investment industries’ CRM2 is meant to provide. 1,175 more words

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