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Why you might be better off without a defined-benefit pension plan

Some people have all the luck. When they retire, they receive a fixed pension for life from their work.

For those without a defined-benefit pension from work, here is the good news: You might be even better off without it. 1,156 more words


Leaving an inheritance? Here are the most rewarding options for spreading the wealth

Most Canadians are worried about ensuring that their savings will last as long as they do — but a select group are pretty sure that their money will outlast them. 651 more words

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Solid returns without outsize risk: Why alternative investments are the new key to portfolio growth

Once upon a time a Government of Canada 10-year bond paid eight per cent a year. In fact, as recently as 1995 these interest rates were available. 1,283 more words

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How a new twist on an old rhyme will have you seeing May a whole new way

Welcome to May, and prepare yourself for a blitz of media stories about that old investing chestnut, “Sell in May and go away.”

If you’ve heard that before, let me present a more sensible strategy that fee-only portfolio manager Adrian Mastracci and I have dubbed “Rebalance in May and go away.” 704 more words

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Move over RRSP, TFSA: Here are 7 strategies for maximizing investment returns you might not know about

Investors tend to focus first and foremost on gross returns. Since an investor only gets to keep their net return after-tax, tax should be an important factor when it comes to investment decisions. 791 more words


Canadian regulators propose 'targeted reforms' to raise standards for financial advisers

Canadian regulators are proposing “targeted reforms” to raise standards for financial advisers who deal with retail clients, but disagreements among the provinces stopped them short of recommending an overarching “best interest” standard that has gained traction in countries from Australia to the United States. 1,116 more words

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‘If I had a million dollars’ … A big-picture guide to making the most of your windfall

Some people say “more money means more problems.” Between you and me, those are the type of problems I am more than happy to have. 894 more words