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Move over RRSP, TFSA: Here are 7 strategies for maximizing investment returns you might not know about

Investors tend to focus first and foremost on gross returns. Since an investor only gets to keep their net return after-tax, tax should be an important factor when it comes to investment decisions. 791 more words


Canadian regulators propose 'targeted reforms' to raise standards for financial advisers

Canadian regulators are proposing “targeted reforms” to raise standards for financial advisers who deal with retail clients, but disagreements among the provinces stopped them short of recommending an overarching “best interest” standard that has gained traction in countries from Australia to the United States. 1,116 more words

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‘If I had a million dollars’ … A big-picture guide to making the most of your windfall

Some people say “more money means more problems.” Between you and me, those are the type of problems I am more than happy to have. 894 more words


Five steps you can take to help your aging parents manage their finances

As the population ages, many Canadians will find themselves managing wealth for their parents. Seniors own an estimated one-quarter of all financial wealth and over the coming years, their children, some of whom may qualify as seniors themselves, will be not only helping them manage it, but will likely also be the ultimate recipients of whatever is left over on their parents’ deaths. 536 more words


Marred by Taxes: The ugly truth behind the mystery of gas prices

This is what gas prices look like when oil is just under $40 per barrel. While you fill up you’re supporting the government with TAXES. Garry Marr explains

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How the wealthy can beat Ottawa's new rules by becoming low-income to save big on their taxes

In 2016 if you are high income, you will be paying a lot of tax. I mean a LOT of tax.

Based on the current tax rules and budget, below is a strategy that would add $760,000 in future wealth to our fictional family. 1,267 more words


One loonie at a time: Learn how to trick yourself into saving for retirement

Saving for retirement should be simple arithmetic — the longer your money has to grow, the more money you should have when you stop working. But saving today for a distant tomorrow isn’t so simple, and has a great deal to do with how people think about money. 823 more words

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