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Faddie Friday!

It’s Foodie Friday and the topic today is really Faddie Friday. What got me thinking about food fads was hearing yet another discussion about keto diets. 389 more words

Business Thinking

What changed? What's next?

There was a point in time when I would write about things I didn’t know and would be okay with that. I would write about things I knew as well- which wasn’t much, I’ll admit. 93 more words


Online teaching 7 of 15: corporate training

This article is mostly about corporate training and how it can be transferred from face-to-face sessions to the virtual environment, both synchronous and asynchronous, but it has excellent advice for language teachers as well: which activities lend themselves well to the new medium, and which should be left out, how you can use features of the software for more interactivity, when it’s time to go into presentation mode and how you make sure that your audience is not bored to death. 36 more words


Managing Time

Life happens.  You think you’re going to get everything done, and bang!  Out of nowhere things start spinning out of control and you spend your time reacting rather than driving your time. 218 more words

Bedlam, Charity and the NHS

Recently I was unfortunate enough to have to use the emergency services after an accident.  Let me say at the outset, that I am very grateful for the NHS and all that it attempts to achieve.   766 more words

Keys to Happiness

Happiness is barbecue and tzatziki on a warm sunny day. Happiness is sleeping in fresh bedsheets at night. Happiness is the smell of a new book and the sound of a baby giggling. 648 more words

Mental Health

The Best Weatherman

I’m going to tell you a secret about me. I’m a bit of a weather freak. I check the weather multiple times a day and I rarely miss the weather segment on the 11PM news. 318 more words

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