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Grow your business quickly and effectively

Social Media is one of the most important tools in expanding your business! A+ Social Media will help you reach your full potential with targeted and customized campaigns that engage your customers visit our… 8 more words

I save a lot more money. Living
with less means that I will not be
buying more than my essentials
so I do not consider things that… 46 more words


Weekend edition #5

What’s up everybody Viggy here for another weekend edition! It’s been a full week since the last edition and man am I excited to be coming to you all once again. 248 more words


The Crop Shop - Tassel & Tie

Two logo designs for a friends project at university. For her course MSc International Fashion Management at London College of Communication, she and her group had to market and sell (through an online store) an item of clothing or fashion accessories. 10 more words



I have updated my CV using Canva.com take a look! Kelly’s Résumé-4


The Creativity Trap

‘I’m not the creative type’.

I’m sure many people have heard this at one point or another, or indeed say it themselves. Undoubtedly the more you say it the more you believe it, continually feeding a fear that you will not deliver or be judged unfavourably. 683 more words


Retail Detox 9 TWO 5

Do you ever just absolutly dread going to work because you don’t want anyone talking to you? Well that’s me and I’m a complete bitch. I’m pretty sure my coworkers personally diagnosed me with bipolar. 498 more words