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The Art of Engagement: Become a Powerful Communicator


The Art of Engagement can be learned by anyone willing to look at communication in a whole new way. It’s not just about acquiring great… 769 more words

Online Community Management Resources (2018)

Subject to change
Updated (6/11/2018): Added new programs to "Tools"

The following are references to aid in the development of a serious online community. I have a few years of experience in being an administrator of a few  239 more words


How to use methods

As always when I write about new methods or techniques I want to remind you that you have not to use them exactly how I use them. 274 more words


Bumper Stickers and Great Ideas

All great improvements and movements started with a great idea.

However, great ideas are not enough.

Anyone who has taken a shower has had a great idea. 183 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Grow: What Does Your Social Media Say About You

Recently I look into changing my career path, I knew this position would require me to go to a school where the instructors would look into my social media. 765 more words

How To

Grow: Pay Off Debt in 3 Steps

I’m in no way a financial expert nor do I know your finances. What I am is a normal family man, who’s been using this method to successfully get out of debt for the past year or so and it works at any income level. 1,144 more words

How To

Grow: The CrossFit Hero WOD

It’s Memorial Day and you haven’t worked out yet. I challenge you to destroy yourself with a CrossFit Hero workout of the day (wod).

These are extremely challenging workouts dedicated in memory of a Hero. 144 more words

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