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(n.) – spanish, lit. tomorrow, an indefinite time in the future

What mild love I had,
Let the Fates grow it tenfold
Like a young fire tree

My Art


Una vez más me encuentro en la ventana,
vacía de tristeza, vacía ya de rabia,
ésta vez quisiera hallar una lágrima,
una emoción en el alma. 186 more words


Chanting to manana : At the tip of the tongue

I can chant the vişņu sahasranāmam without the book, but, funnily enough, only out loud. Unless the tongue moves and the ear hears, I cannot recall the next ślökam (verse/couplet). 130 more words

Ancient Indians

manana : lalitā ślöka pancakam

Once I have practiced chanting perfectly, I like to turn over the words of a ślökam or stötram in my mind till I “get it”. This is called manana. 327 more words

Ancient Indians

Flights of Fancy - Mañana, Mañana.. by Sally Cronin

Mañana, Mañana.

The hot sun burnt her already tanned legs and she moved them slightly into the shade of the large umbrella overhead. She felt a small trickle of perspiration slide between her breasts and decided that it was not really that uncomfortable a sensation. 1,725 more words

Short Stories

Mānana, or Rabbit Island, from atop the Kuliouou Ridge Trail

Mānana is a seabird sanctuary near Makapuu.  It’s home to the ‘ua‘u kani (wedge-tailed shearwater), ‘ewa‘ewa (sooty tern) and others.