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Era martes y el sol dejaba una pátina mate sobre los ojos. Uno no espera que en días así ocurran desgracias. La tristeza es gris, lluviosa y oscura.

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Carta a la Luna 395 - Viajando otra vez

Oceanos de arena, espejismo y dilema
voces enemistadas, lenguaje en la mirada
viajando estoy otra vez, dónde estaré…

Frases que sin palabras, saltaron por la ventana… 40 more words

Mystery Launches 21-07-2015

photo ex Harold Kidd

During the recent post on the launch Manana (Raehutia) Harold Kidd sent me several photos of Manana while she was owned by the Seagar family. 168 more words


Manana (Raehutai)

MANANA (Raehutai)
photo & details ex Gavin Hargreaves

With today’s post we are looking to see if we can join the dots. Gavin sent me a photo of Manana, his Colin Wild launch.  236 more words


Tico Time

Now this is something that really took some getting used to because where I am from everyone is always early.  Here, we have what is called Tico Time.   352 more words

Daily Life

Macro | Al amanecer.

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By ASM19366

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Sunset lover

From time to time, we should look up and stare at the sky.

Good morning guys :)

Today’s saturday!!! Do you already know how are you going to spend it? 341 more words