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Ancestor Days: for BlueSky

10 years ago my dog BlueSky died. She didn’t die on Canada Day, but I was away and didn’t get the message until Canada Day that it had happened, so that’s the day I associate with her death. 130 more words


variations: a non-linear introduction

Welcome back :)

This has taken longer than expected – three full weeks of working, travelling and studying with barely a pause to catch my breath in between.  776 more words

Get Out and Enjoy the Sun on the Summer Solstice

Last night, I joined some of my grovies from Northern Rivers as guests for Kripalu Yoga Center’s Summer Solstice celebration. It was a very different and eclectic ritual style, but it was good-natured and fun. 515 more words


negative capability and positive capability

It’s a strange path I have walked these past few months – if it is a path at all. Perhaps I should call it a shore: I have walked along the edge of the known, skirting the unknowable, without really testing the limits of either. 1,064 more words

دو ویدئوی بی‌ربط ولی جادار و مطمئن

نکات برجسته از نظر من:
1) آموزش حجاب
2) حجاب باعث میشه ملت فکر کنن «عرب» هستی [واقعا هم ایرانی‌ها اهل حجاب نیستن و کسی اونا رو با حجاب نمی‌شناسه]

druidry and depression: facing the illusion

As I write this, I can tell I am heading for a small meltdown. Work has been intense and exhausting this week. I am pushing myself far too hard to compensate for someone’s absence and am still not very good at asking for help (or admitting that I need it). 1,207 more words

The land's great grieving

“This is the one place which I don’t yet know how to leave. Which I can’t quite believe that I can leave. My place.” I keep coming back to that sentence, it seems. 3,602 more words