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Is there such a thing as a WTFectomy?

If there is, book me a table.

I’ve made my decision. I’m just not sure why I made the one I did.

I had a chance to go to one of the most beautiful places on the planet, to have a home by the sea without any walls shared with strangers, and most of all, to not be lonely any more. 115 more words


Birthday divination and big decisions

I did my annual deep reading, which I do around my birthday rather than at the new year. Put all together, it had this to say about the year to come: 1,577 more words


Sexy spirits and solitary spirituality

(A long entry forthcoming; I was computerless for the past 10 days, and I used that time to keep my journal by hand, do a lot of work, and think about what is and will be a potent time in my life.) … 2,601 more words


CP & FO: Silver Triskele Box

Here it is!

This is another small I’m more pleased with than I expected. For a change, though, I want to talk about threads.

I got DMC Diamant metallics for Save the Stitches, and I’ve been really enjoying using them. 175 more words


WIP: Silver Triskele Box (1)

I’m taking a little blackwork break to work this up. I don’t expect it to take more than two or three days to finish. I don’t feel I should link to the chart; it came from a Russian chart-dump site, and was very obviously (and not very well) scanned from a book, so copyright is 99% certain to be an issue. 231 more words


Manatees, man overboard, and managing skills

I went to sleep with the intention of seeking out whichever of my allies wanted to see me next. I rarely remember much about dreams no matter what happens in them. 1,209 more words


Trips and whales and third-rhyme fails

I wasn’t sure how or when to step fully back into working after so long off. The spirits saw to it — and not just them. 924 more words