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دو ویدئوی بی‌ربط ولی جادار و مطمئن

نکات برجسته از نظر من:
1) آموزش حجاب
2) حجاب باعث میشه ملت فکر کنن «عرب» هستی [واقعا هم ایرانی‌ها اهل حجاب نیستن و کسی اونا رو با حجاب نمی‌شناسه]

druidry and depression: facing the illusion

As I write this, I can tell I am heading for a small meltdown. Work has been intense and exhausting this week. I am pushing myself far too hard to compensate for someone’s absence and am still not very good at asking for help (or admitting that I need it). 1,207 more words

The land's great grieving

“This is the one place which I don’t yet know how to leave. Which I can’t quite believe that I can leave. My place.” I keep coming back to that sentence, it seems. 3,602 more words


walking this path

It has been a while since my last proper post; in all honesty, bar the tenuous, Telegraph-given connection, the subject of my last actual post is a little out of keeping with the blog (oh hai there new followers!  678 more words

February for Manannan - 26 A Story

From Lady Gregory’s Gods and Fighting Men, (1904).

Part I Book IV: Call to Connla

AND it is likely it was Manannan sent his messenger for Connla of the Red Hair the time he went away out of Ireland, for it is to his country Connla was brought; and this is the way he got the call. 744 more words

Gods & Goddesses