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Manatee Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Gift Set of 2 Campaign

Tea is my absolute favorite winter time drink, it can be cold or hot but either way it is my go to. I am not one to use tea bags because you are not sure how long they have been sitting on the shelf, while loose tea is fresh and the flavor is so much better. 168 more words

The Sublime

I was honored and frankly brought to tears when I saw this painting. Never before has anyone gone to such lengths to spread the word of Katie Sewell. 12 more words

10 Questions about Katie Sewell Answered

1. Who are your political heroes?

Marco Rubio, Leslie Knope, and myself.

2. Who should be on the 20 dollar bill?

Myself, or perhaps Manny the Manatee. 190 more words

The Cincinnati Zoo caught a lot of deserved flack when their employee shot and killed Harambe, a 17-year old gorilla, but let’s not forget the zoo still does good work, like their manatee rescue program, which recently took in… 15 more words


Orionid's Meteor Shower

When my daughters were younger, we loved to go camping on the weekends to the state parks all aroundĀ Florida. We would leave pagers, beepers, answering machines, and doorbells behind and would head to the natural springs, mangroves, beaches, and rivers. 565 more words



Manatees will be spending more time in the warm spring water at Wakulla Springs State Park as winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop. You can see them most days on the river boat cruise and/or from the viewing docks and dive tower. 49 more words


Fun at the zoo in late July.

Not everyone gets to see a barred owl up close. At the zoo you can although I zoomed in on his face to get closer. Mr. 98 more words

Lowry Park Zoo