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"The diseases caused by impure water are numerous and fatal” says an MD ... Hear what 50+ other MDs say about our need for pure distilled water

Our waterways planet wide are now highly polluted and no longer safe to drink. Consequently, the water that’s fed to us in the town supplies is replete with… 635 more words


Imagining the Past at the Manawatu Estuary

On a recent trip to our nearest beach we spent time enjoying the estuary at the river mouth, where my local river eventually flows into the ocean. 247 more words

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Manawatu River - pollution concerns date back to 1890

In light of recent media coverage concerning the polluted state of the Manawatu River [click here to view TV news coverage], it is insightful to look back at the river’s history. 364 more words


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A revisit of the Manawatu's pollution. And it's not getting any better! Considering we can now only swim in 40% of our rivers. The article is from 2009, from an interesting NZ site that gives us some insight into historical pollution of our once clean green paradise. Not pretty.  (Note: the link to the TV coverage is outdated so the content is no longer there).

Fireworks Over the River ~ Palmy

Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night or Firework Night, is celebrated on 5 November with spectacular fireworks. We call it “Fireworks Over the River” in Palmerston North. 130 more words

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Talk: A history of the Manawatu River

I will be doing a talk about my book Ravaged Beauty, with a focus on the Manawatu River, at the historic Ashhurst Community Library (seen here in its original form as a post office), on: 72 more words


A long, long weekend in Palmerston North

It seemed a long time since I had made the 45 minute trip north to my special place, my happy place. Initially I was going for two nights, that’s happened before lol  ;)  I had been waiting for the first opportunity since Dasha and I did our four week South Island tour but the weather had not been great or the forecast had been awful and at the last minute it had cleared. 840 more words