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Swiss Army Man (2016)

Peculiarity, comedic timing, and farts combine into the sublime and surreal. 207 more words


Daniel Radcliffe Is The Only Stiff Thing About Swiss Army Man

What if I were to tell you that the most heartwarming, life affirming movie of the year involves the farting corpse of Harry Potter showing Paul Dano the meaning of friendship and love? 401 more words

Week 04

It’s miserable outside and I regret getting out of bed but I said I’d do this so HERE is another playlist

If you haven’t yet, check out weeks… 662 more words


Manchester Orchestra’s Softer Side Strikes a Chord

By Jack McLoone

First things first: Manchester Orchestra is not an orchestra, and is not from Manchester, England. They are best described as an indie rock band from Atlanta, Georgia that is actually devoid of any string, brass or woodwind instruments (at least in their physical form). 760 more words


Poetry in Tune

Music is the sister of poetry, and poetry has always been a love of mine. But when a song has exceptional lyrical value, that song always wins me over. 1,669 more words


MogJam 6 - Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra are a band that I would put in a similar category to Biffy Clyro (See MogJam 3). They can turn it up to 11 and they can also turn it down a few clicks and deliver unbelievable chilled tracks. 591 more words


Black Foxxes release their debut LP "I'm Not Well"

“The worst thing I could possibly do is be in a band,” says Black Foxxes frontman, Mark Holley, with a dry laugh. “For my mental health, for my physical health… For everything, really. 549 more words

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