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i’m currently sat in my room again. this past week has been hard emotionally and mentally. depression is hard to cope with and tomorrow i’ll be calling my doctor to ask for an increase in my medication dosage. 172 more words


The arrest of Dora

I’ve narrowly missed the anniversary of the legislation to allow (some) women to vote, but here’s a wonderful photo of the arrest in 1909 of… 263 more words


Graphene Research and the World’s 5 Biggest Problems: From Clean Water and Healthcare to Energy and Infastructure - Solutions based in Graphene may Hold the Key

In September 2015, world leaders gathered at a historic UN summit to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are 17 ambitious targets and indicators that help guide and coordinate governments and international organizations to alleviate global problems. 1,252 more words


Manchester University: Photon-friendly graphene membranes mimic photosynthesis to produce hydrogen

Graphene membranes that mimic photosynthesis to produce hydrogen by harvesting solar energy could be developed following the discovery of a new effect.

Researchers at Manchester University have discovered that the rate at which graphene conducts protons increases 10 fold when it is illuminated with sunlight. 348 more words


Context over time

Sampled from my own library to evidence the inspiration of science over decades – into the present with A Universe from Nothing. See below Out of the Huge First Nothing – most recent painting in progress, nearing completion: 788 more words

The beginning of the journey ...

So here you are, a doctor who graduated a few years ago. Maybe a lot of years ago. You did not do your internship. Either you took a break after medical school, you got married and had kids, you went on to do a Masters degree/PhD or you tried the USMLE route but it didn’t go as planned. 398 more words

A gorgeous day on campus...

As it was such a gorgeous day on campus (until it started to rain) I thought I would take a few photo’s…it always looks beautiful in the autumn (I can’t wait until winter…when it snow’s here its magical!). 27 more words