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''Skip James - Devil Got My Woman''

I find it hard to ever think simply. I can never ask a question that has a short, minimal answer. I used to struggle with this in school when I was in English, if the task was to describe what you did over the holidays, I sure wouldn’t focus on actual events that happened in the holidays.  291 more words


Nazi numpties' North Western nonsense

This afternoon the White Pride Worldwide march will take place in Manchester. I don’t imagine that any of my friends will be marching in support of this racist nonsense. 67 more words

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Cold nights, and wet days with inside-out boxers

Seems to be getting colder and colder, more so in this bedroom than it is outside. Waking up to what sounds like a hail storm is actually rain hitting the single-glazed window. 145 more words

Manchester, UK

Places to check out:
1. the Lowry Art and Entertainment Center
-closes at 5pm
-usual performance schedule in summer from May to August
2.Manchester Craft and Design Center… 71 more words


United Kingdom

Christmas and New Years travelling around the United Kingdom: Some different photos from London, the Welsh countryside, Scotland and a few cities in Northern England.

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REVIEW: Calamity Jane (2014 - 2015 UK Tour)

I’ve debated whether or not to write this review, as I strongly believe in two principles – the industry needs to stop talking theatre ‘down’ and that you should always write an honest review, 345 more words