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From Out Run to Wii Sports: The nine greatest summer video games

No need to check the weather forecast for our stroll through decades of sunny seasonal offerings, through Vice City and Xtreme Beach Volleyball

We have such a fraught relationship with summer in Britain. 173 more words


Laurence Scott's The Four-Dimensional Human – Tech Weekly podcast

We know that digital technology has radically reshaped our lives. But is it also changing our ideas of who we are?

A new book by author Laurence Scott looks at some of the strange side-effects of the digitisation of our lives. 142 more words


The one who calls in C#

Our church bell fell silent just before Easter when the bell rope came tumbling down the belfry to the ground. We missed its faithful call to worship, and the sounding out the angelus to the parish. 208 more words


Lighting Up Black and White

Back in the day you may have developed your own film in the darkroom. You sat hunched over a desk in semi-dark with chemicals percolating away; pouring, mixing, waiting, hoping, planning.  932 more words