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Is Trump a Manchurian candidate?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may be a modern day Manchurian candidate or as the Russians would called him a “useful fool.” Consider these actions by Trump. 447 more words


Hypnotic FPS Zombie Shooter Trances Player into Real Life Replica of Game | Derren Brown - YouTube

Man playing a zombie FPS video game is put into a trance from playing the video game. While still under trance he is transported to a real life replica of the game he was just playing. 42 more words

Mind Control

The Manchurian Candidate: @arrowfilmsvideo's perfect ten

My best friend and I have recently been talking about films that we’d classify as perfect tens, that we wouldn’t change anything about. It’s led to me re-watching a few films I watch quite often and a few I’ve not seen in a while. 267 more words


Donald Trump's race for the White House: A conspiracy?



There are more than a few Republicans who believe his campaign is geared at simply clearing a path for Hillary Clinton.

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Anyone Notice the Link Between the Baton Rouge & Dallas Shooters...?

That is to say, aside from the obvious links in motivation and (alleged) ideology and the fact that the shootings occur amid the toxic conditions being generated by both the BLM movement on one hand and the police’s unlawful killings of citizens on the other. 999 more words
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The New Manchurian Candidate

Growing up, novels and films about political intrigue and international conflicts were my favorites.

To an extent, they still are. There just haven’t been enough of them; the last notable one was… 565 more words

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Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Josh Marshall has a tweet stream going talking about the Trump-Russia alliance.  As he sees it, the Manchurian-by-way-of-Queens Candidate isn’t even trying to hide his alliance with/subservience to Putin. 297 more words