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Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Josh Marshall has a tweet stream going talking about the Trump-Russia alliance.  As he sees it, the Manchurian-by-way-of-Queens Candidate isn’t even trying to hide his alliance with/subservience to Putin. 297 more words

Anti-Mind-Control Activists Prevented From Contacting Possible Mind-Control Neuro-Experimentee Rohinie Bisesar by Toronto Jail, Lawyer, Media

by Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen/Posted July 1, 2016

Activists representing a Canadian organization of victims of current-day covert-assault mind-control and psychotronic weapon technology were present at Rohinie Bisesar’s June 27 court appearance in Toronto, a date set apparently after she was deemed mentally fit for trial. 2,024 more words

Waking Up

Another Manchurian Candidate, or Village Idiot Turned Contractor

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State of Emergency Declared in Orlando, Florida after Massacre in Nightclub

Was the massacre plotted by those who benefit from Donald Trump presidency? 147 more words

News Alert

Soviet-era LSD Research Revealed Amidst Ongoing Studies

After decades of scientists being unable to study hallucinogens like LSD, not only is promising research underway once again in the US, but more details of past related research appear to be coming to light. 1,088 more words

It's hammer time: Sarah Shahi's Shaw is back on Person of Interest...but how?

How you do matters as much as what you do. By that metric you’re all just terrorists and I kill terrorists.

We know Sarah Shahi is returning as Sameen Shaw on Person of Interest, but in what capacity?

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Sarah Shahi

Iselin (Mrs. Eleanor Shaw Iselin, The Manchurian Candidate)

“Why don’t you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?”

He is my son, after all. What mother wouldn’t want the best for her son? 418 more words

The Rise of the Black Obama Bashers

When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States this country was losing over 800,000 per month. During the seven years of the Obama administration over 14 million jobs have been created. 791 more words

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