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The Grace of Frank Sinatra - "It Was A Very Good Year" - meanspeed=71.8 bpm - Does Tempo Indicate That Which We Emote?

Frank Sinatra’s ultra-classic It Was A Very Good Year was written in the hard, gloomy, haunted key of D minor, and juxtaposed with the most graceful of all speeds. 320 more words

Tempo Map

Captain Ben Marco is having strange dreams. He is a veteran of the Gulf War. He knows what happened in the Middle East, but he doesn’t remember. 355 more words

In review: a few classic movies & books I've only just seen

One of my resolutions for 2017, along with learning to apply eyeliner properly and doing my part for the resistance against the embarrassing megalomaniac we somehow have as president, was to catch up on some of the books and movies that have been around forever but I haven’t seen. 1,031 more words


Can someone please fix that remote control?

Trump was never supposed to become US President. Hillary was. Fortunately, their handlers had a Plan B. They always have.

There is currently nothing more entertaining than watching the likes of CNN. 369 more words

Donald Trump


It had to come up, and it did. I was exchanging views about Congressional Investigations into everything Russian, including ingredients for Ruskie salad dressing. My opponent said that the two elderly Republican senators were unAmerican. 170 more words