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A Feast Of Friends

“No more money, no more fancy dress. This other kingdom seems by far the best, until its other jaw reveals incest and loose obedience to a vegetable law.” -The Doors, “A Feast Of Friends” 407 more words

Rage Against The Machine

My Wardrobe

As I’ve gotten older, I have become “girlier”. Trust me, I’ve never met a shoulder pad I didn’t like! When I was younger I was a tom boy, but now I appreciate clothes, except I find dresses and skirts incredibly uncomfortable and I would much rather stick with pants and a cute blouse. 59 more words

Manchurian Candidate

My Voice

My girl pals and I took a trip to the zoo over the weekend because animals are amazing. My friend, Julie brought her video recorder, and she taped a majority of the trip, and after, we went back to her house to watch it. 43 more words

Manchurian Candidate

Habits That I Can't Break

Ever since I was young, I would always bite my nails when I felt awkward, was nervous, or bored. My mom would put sour lemon juice on my fingers in the hope that I would stop, but to this day, I still continue this bad habit! 44 more words

Manchurian Candidate

My Posture

My mother always told me to stand up straight because I always had a hunchback, and she was afraid my spine would permanently become that way. 95 more words

Manchurian Candidate

Dealing With Other People

When I was growing up, I followed the example of my parents. They told my older brothers and I to respect everyone no matter who they were or what their “attitude” towards us was. 58 more words

Manchurian Candidate


I’m going to cut right to the chase:

I hate:

  • Liars
  • Birds
  • Fake people
  • People who watch the movie before reading the book
  • People who don’t get work done…
  • 20 more words
Manchurian Candidate