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TheEurasianGuy: Going to China

Shanghai is one of the best known cities worldwide and a renowned international metropolis gaining more and more attention from all over the world. Being home to many of the worlds tallest skyscrapers , trendy bars and restaurants , a large expat community and a whopping 24 million inhabitants , Shanghai offers a true once-in-a-lifetime experience , wether you’re an artist , expat , college student – or like me an absolute beginner in the Chinese language. 114 more words


5 Seconds in Macao

My first trip to Hong Kong was perfect, so perfect that I was bound to encounter karmic feedback eventually. It happened, right on schedule, on my second visa renewal trip. 926 more words


CRCC Asia Review

I’m a student, just finished my first year and will move on to the second. The summer before second year starts, I decided to go for… 931 more words

My Life~

Missing in action

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent. It’s been crazy busy and there’s been so much going on! I’m actually struggling to think what to tell you about… There’s been lots of shit Chinese food, food poisoning (naturally), an awkward encounter with a Thai Chi-practising Mexican in the gym, and a LOT of bites. 985 more words

Choosing a Chinese course

If anyone is qualified to recommend the best way to learn Chinese, I am. I moved to Shanghai in late 2009 to start a course (from complete scratch) with… 815 more words


Mandarin House

The bros traveled to Hoover for a late lunch at local Chinese institution Mandarin House. It’s been in operation since 1976 which is longer than even Greg has been alive. 552 more words


Historic Macau - A Blend of Cultures and Religion ...

This is historic Macau at it’s best. As you peel away the opulence brought about by the casinos and you delve deeper into the cultural and historical centre of Macau, you will find a more down-to-earth environment visited by locals and tourists (like me!). 233 more words