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Day 268 - My Teachers 2

Semester 2: Intensive Elementary Chinese Level 3. It’s as much of a treat as it sounds; a journey through the labyrinths of grammar, which, if you’re lucky enough to make it out the other side, will leave you blinking in the sunlight, awash with the revelation that all Chinese words sound the same. 1,139 more words

The restaurant Mandarin

Since I’ve been in Canada which only been two weeks, I don’t usually go out and travelling around, because I need to prepare my IELTS test at the moment which it will cover for my English requirements for the diploma program. 73 more words

HSK1: yīyuàn / 医院 / hospital

HSK 1 Vocabulary: 医院

医院 / yīyuàn / hospital
医 / yī / medicine, doctor, to cure
院 / yuàn / courtyard, institution


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Soon I'll be in China

In the past, I have always traveled to western countries, usually with my family. However, earlier this year, I applied to a program where I get to travel to Guangzhou, China and study Chinese. 110 more words


(2/2) Steven

“Through out my journey I also learnt there can be a lot of things misunderstood when people translate the original book into Mandarin. When I tried to read my first book in English about Apple, I read the Mandarin version first then I tried to force myself to read the whole book in English. 104 more words

China Travel Destination

From colossal palaces and sacred mountains to cliff-top temples and roaring metropolises, the places to visit in China will impress even the hardiest of travellers. 698 more words


Chinese Ethnics

Multiple ethnic groups populate China, where “China” is taken to mean areas controlled by either of the two states using “China” in their formal names, the People’s Republic of China (China) and the Republic of China (Taiwan). 994 more words