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GBAM! Okorocha's Zuma statue linked to "powerful South Africa drug cartel"

If you’re still wondering why Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha erected a statue in honour of South African president Jacob Zuma, you should see this: 349 more words


Intersections of  history, personal change, creativity, memory--and, more generally,  journeying: An evening with Johnny Clegg

A concert I went to last night reminds me that making spaces for connecting, probing, reflecting, creating cannot be a matter of finding the right theory and then implementing it (see topic of a current… 422 more words

Reflective Practice

Polynesian Atolls, Islands, and new landforms—oh my! (part 1)

Lone Eagle is an astute observer of the changing landscape, and has been documenting his discoveries on his Youtube channel: Lone Eagle’s Mandela Chanel

His main methodology, is to trace islands and continents on Google Earth, and then review them a few months later to see what has changed. 721 more words

"Mandela Effect"

Freedom by Michael Healy

Michael’s response to the trigger

Freedom is a precious favour which most people assume is their right
But many have found their lives are restricted and so have to fight… 262 more words

Factual Prose


All the peace in the world,

Gandhi took half,

Mandela took half!


The Eternal Flame Falls—no you're not in Narnia

The eternal flame sits behind a waterfall in western New York. It is said to have been lit thousands of years ago by Native Americans. 144 more words

"Mandela Effect"

Once lost, now found... Zealandia!

For the intrepid explorer, visiting every continent is usually on their proverbial bucket list—Antarctica is usually toughest for most—but now there’s another destination for the true completists! 160 more words

"Mandela Effect"