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Preparation for my African Adventure

September 9-23 2017- The African Spirit

Welcome back readers! Okay this week I am going to blog about my previous exploration to the African region back in September 2017. 719 more words




It’s always a long walk to freedom

Moses had to walk through the red sea

Gandhi had to make a salt march… 260 more words


5.december. Ord på standby

Stop… bare stop… lad mig sidde lidt alene for en kort bemærkning, for jeg magter virkelig ikke at lytte til mere af DF´s fremmedhad. Jeg har de sidste dage været så frustreret og chokeret, at jeg ikke vidste, hvad jeg skulle skrive, fordi ordene kæmper med hinanden om pladsen og derfor ikke rigtigt evner at komme ud i helsætninger, der giver mening. 383 more words

Project Africa!

Education and patriotism have always been the backbone of the African success story. Most revolutionary leaders in Africa travelled beyond their borders, to acquire world class education at some of the best institutions. 678 more words

Taking on BDS SA:

A lot can be said of an organisation who’s leader has defended the singing of ‘shoot the Jew’. The first thing to say is Anti-Semite. The second thing to say is, have you lost your mind? 1,246 more words


There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you….As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.   Nelson Mandela