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Hello, Happy New Year to all my Visitors. Visit my Shapeways shop to see my 3D printed models  http://www.shapeways.com/designer/nic022


Making Fractals - By MAtthewbushMAker

Some exploring various fractals I made playing around in Mandelbub 3D    


Exploring Fractals in MandelBulb 3D - MAtthewbushMAker

This is the MandelBulb named after the 2D version the Mandelbrot set. Its the default fractal in Mandelbulb 3D.

In Mandelbulb 3D I can create a Voxel Stack of a whole or section of a fractal. 136 more words

Year 3


Well, the problem is that I’ve been too lazy to get my computer fixed, so these fractals are from March (and I hardly knew how to use the programs back then), and haven’t been able to render anymore. 18 more words


Mandelbulb Mingle Mangle

Couldn’t think of a better title (I did mention I am lousy at giving titles to my pieces, lol)…but this is better than ‘hodgepodge’ or ‘mishmash’… It’s an oddball kind of image but I like it!…there is a lot of pretty cool-looking stuff in it. 25 more words