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माण्डूक्य उपनिषद्

ओम् – यह अक्षर ही सर्व है । सब उसकी ही व्याख्या है । भूत, भविष्य, वर्तमान सब ओंकार ही हैं । तथा अन्य जो त्रिकालतीत है, वह भी ओंकार ही है ॥१॥


Mandukya - This alone will do (part 3)

The eternal bliss residing deep beneath layers has been an elusive concept most of the time in my life. Partially due to the fact that I failed to cognise that layers are manifestation of the eternal bliss too, and also due to my rebellious mind refusing to quieten down in meditation. 347 more words


Mandukya: This alone will do (part2)

“Om is the symbol that is all that is” declared the Guru to a seemingly large audience in a huge auditorium in Boone. “All that is past present and future was called by one word Om”. 576 more words


Mandukya: This alone will do (part 1)

An upanishad closest to my heart, known for its brevity contains within itself everything that one who desires liberation, needs for his journey. Very few have been able to isolate the characteristics of what one can experience when he delves within, this upanishad from Atharva veda is able to broach the subject with so much of confidence and clarity. 571 more words


Why bondage?

Liberation from bondage can dawn in a variety of ways. Feeling miserable from the agitations of happiness and sorrow alternating each other, one seeks to know the root cause thereof. 358 more words