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This Is Us: Complexities of the heart

This Is Us is a series that you should watch if you haven’t felt intense emotions in a long time because this is all about the heart. 841 more words


License to Wed (2007)

License to Wed
Dir. Ken Kwapis
Premiered July 3, 2007

Robin Williams was a huge presence in my childhood, towering over the 1990s with his unique combination of rapid-fire schtick and gentleness. 813 more words



I dressed up as Rapunzel for Halloween this year! (“How old are you again?” you ask. “Does it matter?” I respond.)


This story is, as most Disney fairytales are,  1,536 more words


47 Meters Down

Director: Johannes Roberts
Starring: Mandy Moore, Claire Holt & Matthew Modine
Synopsis: Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. 606 more words

Dvd Review


Hands down, the sexiest princess who isn’t secretly Mandy Moore. Or, I forget if Pippa Middleton is a princess. Definitely Princess Jasmine is in the top three, though. 3.8/5



She has magic hair that makes you live forever, is agoraphobic, and beats people up with a frying pan. Sure, she has an evil step-mother, but eventually that step-mother gets straight up murdered by Rapunzel’s friendly animal companion. 23 more words


Number One

Season 2 Episode 8                                                                        Air date November 14, 2017

Well, we saw that one coming didn’t we? Too bad no one else did. This week was the beginning of a three-week arc of episodes, each episode focusing on one of the big three. 734 more words