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Daily Dish For 3.28.17

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E News reports that Mandy Moore is connecting her Tangled character (voice of Rapunzel) with Frozen and The Little Mermaid. 604 more words


Tangled: A Review

Walt Disney Pictures has been known far and wide for their smooth animation (both Computer and traditional) excellent storytelling and music you’ll wanna dance to all night long. 148 more words


Nope, there's no link between Frozen and Tangled according to Rapunzel actress Mandy Moore

For years it’s baffled Disney fans, but Mandy Moore thinks the theory that links Frozen with Tangled is total bulls***.

Frozen fans had long hoped that the two flicks were linked, suggesting that Anna and Elsa’s parents the King and Queen of Arendelle, who leave to get on a boat, were actually headed to Rapunzel’s wedding. 397 more words


Mandy Moore Is Not Down With That 'Morbid' Tangled/Frozen Fan Theory

Tangled duo Rapunzel and Flynn may be seen attending Elsa’s coronation in Frozen, but if there’s any other connection between the two Disney franchises, … 315 more words


This is us season 1 review 

If you haven’t already watched or at least heard about this hit new tv show then you will understand why it has become an overnight success and heres why, this is us is a character driven show with very likeable characters, this is a show with a big heart and really represents a true loving family in which you do become attached to from the moment you see them. 321 more words


TV Geek Review: This Is Us Season 1

Every now and again, there is a tv show that comes along that isn’t just a niche thing, but one that has universal appeal and just everyone that’s seen it loves it.   637 more words