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Love, Laughter & Horrific Crime

Writers/podcasters/comedians/couple Mandy Stadtmiller and Pat Dixon join us to discuss their many projects, including TMI-ary, News WhoreNYC Crime Report, and The Nearly Naked Lady Hour… 96 more words


(Nearly) Naked & Unafraid

If you live in Atlanta and don’t have weekend plans yet, listen up. Back in Boston and New York I loved going to the occasional comedy show, so I was excited when I caught wind of a two-night event happening here, but with a much different twist. 222 more words


Revealing: What We Say With What We Say

Blogger Damyanti Biswas recently asked her readers How much should I reveal about myself on my blog? Her short answer: “…as much as you’re comfortable with.” 626 more words


Why I Don't Date, or, "Mandy Explains It All"

(This is written as a response, of sorts, to www.xojane.com/sex/what-women-want, posted yesterday at xojane.com, with permission of the article’s author.)

I’m a little bit in love with Mandy Stadtmiller. 784 more words

Emo Bitching And Whining

My guest appearance on Mandy Stadtmiller's News Whore

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to sit in on a taping of Mandy Stadtmiller‘s new podcast, News Whore. Almost immediately Mandy, a.k.a. 93 more words


Exhibitionists like us

Every time I watch All the Presidents Men or the fifth season of The Wire, I give a loud cheer for the research librarians. Then I rewind and play the two seconds again. 1,123 more words

On Blogging

In Defense of Mandy Stadtmiller: Why Internet Oversharing Isn't Just xoJane's Problem

As long as there are blogs, people will overshare. The term that came into popularity in the late aughts is a catchall to describe those who willingly offer up embarrassing details of their lives for the entertainment of others. 674 more words