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Manfred Mann’s Earth Band - Chance

This is one of the first lps I bought after moving to Copenhagen in 1992. My girlfriend at the time – Lisa – and I discovered that we had a mutual liking for Manfred Mann. 256 more words


Significant Songs (61)

Handbags and Gladrags

Some songs don’t just seem to have been around for almost all of my life, they actually have been. First recorded in 1967 by Manfred Mann, (it was written by Mike D’Abo, their vocalist) the first hit version of this song was released later that year, by the English solo artist, Chris Farlowe, and also produced by D’Abo. 272 more words

Nostalgia And Reflections

A Personal History of the British Record Business 6 - Gerry Bron (2)

How did the Marianne Faithfull link come about?

I think she and Gene Pitney got very friendly – she was having problems with Andrew Loog Oldham – and she phoned us up one day in tears and said “I don’t want Andrew to manage me any more, but I don’t know what to do – will you come and talk to Oscar, my solicitor?” We sat there and Oscar said “I think it’s a very good idea that Gerry and Lilian look after you” and she said “but they can’t be my manager!”, and he said “if they’re not going to be your manager, what are they going to do?” She said “I want them to look after me but I don’t want them to be my manager”. 1,813 more words

A Personal History of the British Record Business Pt.5 - Gerry Bron (1)

Potted biography courtesy Wikipedia

Gerry Bron, born 1st March 1933 – died 19th June 2012,was born in Hendon, Middlesex, into a Jewish family, the… 1,501 more words

Ties of Love

On Sunday my godson Richard, having married Mark, with whom he has lived for some time, invited us to a party to celebrate their wedding ties. 985 more words

Days off work through illness - maybe I'm like London buses?

As in the sense of that I can go for years without taking any, and then they all strike at once.

As far as my current job is concerned, I had 3 days off in 2009, and that was it, until last month. 427 more words