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Uh huh, it's the Manfreds*

I wasn’t a fan of the Manfred Mann singles, on the whole, but their first album was very blues/jazz-oriented. This incarnation of the band (now called the Manfreds), with original members Paul Jones, Mike Hugg and Tom McGuinness plus Rob Townsend, Marcus Cliffe and Simon Currie, is advertised as part of their ‘Hits, jazz and blues’ tour. 86 more words



I know, I can be quite boring sometimes, but just found out that Thunderclap Newman died last week.  Here’s a reblog (from the days I was afraid to blog my true love poetry) about a facet of his song “Something in the Air” 296 more words

These Cars Collide ...

The second best name for a band I ever heard was ‘These Cars Collide’ (a lyric from a verse of The Psychedelic Furs song ‘Pretty in Pink’). 478 more words


Nirvana – “All Of Us” – Remastered CD insert (3)

Buying the albums sampled on “You Can All Join In”.

Today we continue with “Melanie Blue”‘s notes in the CD insert:

“Already the owner of a serviceable bass guitar and amp, Patrick set about forming his own group.  191 more words

Song of the Day - 3/11/16

Along with being one of the most famous Springsteen covers, this track also features one of the most misheard lines of all time.

“Blinded by the Light” – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – The Roaring Silence – 1976


Sisters' Act

As the younger brother of three older sisters, believe me, they had their fun with me. Besides having me dress up and marry our dog “Sandy”, they sent  me on their “feminine hygiene” runs to the store.   493 more words

On February 24, 1978.

On February 24, 1978, “Bronze” label released “Watch”, a studio album with several live tracks by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. The album was recorded in 1977, at “Workhouse Studios” in London, and was produced by Manfred Mann and Earth Band. 99 more words