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Is Naruto Really Dead In The New Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga?

Now that the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga has been translated into English, it’s time for me to discuss the most controversy topic that came out of it, that been is Naruto really gone from the world of the living… 695 more words


Tokyo Ghoul Is#7 Selling Graphic Novel for April 2016

Five manga titles appeared on Nielsen BookScan’s list of the Top 20 selling graphic novels for April 2016.


Lucky Star Review

Most people watch cartoons and anime because, for the most part, some of the concepts aren’t as realistic, but still relates to viewers in some sort. 363 more words


Deadman Wonderland


Basically The story starts out with the main character Igarashi, Ganta. Ganta is accused of murdering his whole class, which was killed by “The Red Man” as Ganta calls him. 473 more words


Jon Tsuei is Right: A #WhitewashedOUT Ghost in the Shell Misses the Cultural Mark

There’s been so much talk about Ghost in the Shell, Dr. Strange, whitewashing, yellowface, and underrepresentation I bet some of you out there are saying, “Man, I might be at my limit!” But wait, there’s more! 1,951 more words


Ookami shoujo to kuro ouji (Wolf Girl & Black Prince)


This is a romance anime, so of course it isn’t expected to have a super complex and deep plot. I didn’t find much wrong with the plot. 344 more words