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CD review EPICA 'Epica vs. Attack on Titan' - EP

(8/10) Dutch symphonic metallers Epica entered partly unknown territory in 2017 when the band released a Japan-only EP with four songs that stretched the band’s frame of reference. 490 more words


What can we expect from Adrian Peterson in Washington?

After the ACL tear of rookie running back Derrius Guice tore his ACL to start preseason, the Redskins were in the market for a running back. 191 more words

Minnesota Vikings

Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter

I’ve now started the Monster Hunter series! The first volume was pretty solid. It had a good array of action. It will have to be careful with how it handles the monsters, but the series definitely shows promise. 12 more words



Himari has gone to all girls’ schools all her life. This has resulted in her being quite terrified of men. To push her along towards getting over this phobia, her friend Shuuko suggests that she confess to a guy, doesn’t matter who, as a test of courage. 456 more words


Kill Me Baby 1v2 (2008-01) Released!

And you will probably be telling me now:

-Why? Hasn’t LLMBAC already done that? Why this instead of a brand new chapter?

There’s a reason. 88 more words