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[/r/anime Awards 2018] Public Voting Day 8: Comedic Main Character

Welcome to the Comedic Main Character Category Community Poll for the 2018 /r/Anime Awards!! This is the eighth in a series of polls where you will decide the best anime of the year in a variety of different categories. 414 more words


And the Best Girl of Fall 2018 is...

In a text post because I want you all to vote in this strawpoll:Who should I include in the “Best Girl of 2018 Contest”? Keep in mind that it is supposed to be a short contest taking advantage of the contests we have been doing through the year to choose who makes it in, it will only take 1 week at most since I don’t wanna interfere too much with the bigger “Best Guy Contest” which may be starting very soon.I’ll talk with Sha and depending on when she wants to post her threads then I will post mine starting tomorrow (maybe the day after if you want a break) either at the same time as this contest or one hour later.Now what you came here for!Congratulations to the winner of the Fall 2018 Best Girl Contest!And thank you all for participating!New poll for when to start the Best Girl of the Year Contest! 7 more words


What I'm Reading (48)

Hey all, Dani here.

It has been quite the productive week for me, or at least it appears that way if you look at my books read count. 385 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge Day 15: Most Epic or Shocking Anime Scene

The day every boy watching became a man. Mayne, I could make a whole list of epic moments from Dragon Ball. But the one that still tops all of them is when Goku finally transformed into a Super Saiyan. 148 more words