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How to Make Akki Rotis

When I made Akki Rotis for the first time, I was really nervous. It is not really that difficult to make Akki Rotis, but I somehow felt that the recipe was a bit too elaborate. 533 more words


The Song of Mangalore

Take me

Where you go

Like the winds of the sea

To the land across the shore


Through the hamlet

With fishermen lore

Whiff the mackerel… 243 more words


The Potters of Mangalore

The Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day 4

No older Mangalorean can forget the taste and aroma of fish curries cooked in earthen vessels, and all of us appreciate the coolness of water stored in large earthen jars. 912 more words


This is Fun - Weekly Photo Challenge

The Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day 3

This week’s theme is “Jubilant” and I am feeling really jubilant as I have just the pictures for it. 85 more words


Saraswati Learns Scooter Riding – Part IV

Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day 2

Read Part I, Part II, and Part III of the scooter story.

“Legs!” thought Saraswati as soon as she overcame the shock of falling on the fallen Activa. 1,461 more words


The Weighing Machine

The Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day I 

I wrote this poem several years ago, when I was in the habit of eating at the Court Canteen on Light House Hill Road, Mangalore. 216 more words


Don’t Go South – Stay in Kudla

Dearest Younger Self,

You have always wanted to go south, haven’t you? If someone asks you to describe your childhood and youth in one word, you wouldn’t hesitate to say “Boring.” And you badly wanted to escape that boredom. 444 more words