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Fajita Pasta

Easy to cook meals

‘What tempts my palate’ in collaboration with ‘foodie lawyer’ has come up with an amazing home cooking video for its viewers to add a new dish to their cook book. 193 more words



Mangalore is the chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It’s on the Arabian Sea and is used as a staging point for sea traffic along the Malabar Coast.  318 more words


Entertainer Award #1

Thank you Turning 20  for awarding me with the “The Entertainer blogger Award
Thank you!! Also guys check out her blog which has unique and quirky posts. 453 more words


Sunshine Blogger #1

Thank you so much for awarding me the sunshine blogger award @Becca. Guys do check her blog out too, she posts some really interesting stuff, and her writing style is what i like, she speaks about her adventures, in her home town of Belize which all sounds like a parallel earth to me. 530 more words

Food Photography

NH66: Like driving in city traffic for 300 kilometres

A law graduate in Kerala went on an indefinite hunger strike at Swagathamadu, near Kottakkal in Kerala, in the first week of April protesting against the Malappuram Kottakkal National Highway bypass project. 798 more words


NaPoWriMo 2018: Day 8- Invoking the Spirits

Today’s craft resource is an oldie – Percy Bysshe Shelley’s essay A Defence of Poetry. Shelley basically thought poetry was magic and poets were wizards. 427 more words


A trip to Udupi and Managlore

As you all know I am from Odisha which is the East Coast of India. And when it comes to beaches I go crazy. Every time I am asked if I like beaches, mountains or jungles, I say all the three as I am a nature lover but there’s something about the oceans and I know I belong there. 1,209 more words

The Alpha Female