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Bootha Kola

A Bootha Kola is a sort of shamanistic ritual where you summon Bootha’s or Daivas- spirits neither malevolent or benevolent who reflect the relationship between the tangible and intangible world. 247 more words


It is another day at the office, my Professor and I are on a drive around parts of New Delhi on a few errands. I like these drives. 421 more words

Souvenirs of my Travel

Packed bags, tickets, hotel reservations….

And here we go….for another trip, to a known or unknown place to experience what it beholds and add to our memory lanes. 631 more words


New Mangalore, India

April 2017 Celebrity Constellation Cruise

Gokarnanatha Temple
Kadri Manjunath Temple


Ganesha, Snakes : A Study on connection

Ganesha is incarnated as Mahotkata Vinayaka, in Krta yuga. He wears a swarnim katisutra – or a girdle made of gold along with the naaga in the stomach. 207 more words

General Articles

Beating the heat...

Summers… Just the thought of it brings out beads of sweat off our mind. The scorching heat… The dry burning rays of sun… The prickly heat… The list just goes on and on… However, as a child, I always looked forward to summers for many reasons. 248 more words