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Nightly rains

more and more stars

on swaying leaves.


Top 5 Benefits of a Modular Kitchen

Remember the first time you prepared a delicious meal for your family? Remember those early mornings spent making tasty sandwiches for your kid’s tiffin? These sweet memories acquire a significant place in your heart and they have all been made in one place – your kitchen. 493 more words


Chicken Sukka


For Paste:

Coriander Powder – 5 tbsp

Garlic – 4 flakes

Poppy Seeds – 1/2 tbsp

Cumin seeds  – 1 tbsp

Cloves – 2… 73 more words

Empire Ant

Where is the pain of travel

When the road is your home?

Is it this new desert that is barren

Or my soul?

Far way from the soil… 11 more words


What Happened To Us After Coming To India [3]

*Continues from Log Category:’Why and how I came to India?’,
and ‘What Happened To Us After Coming To India’.

Since we had checked in the 2nd hotel in Bangalore, we had to wait for a contact from Mr. 224 more words


Travel log #2 : On the West coast of India

Let’s Visit my Dad’s school

Growing up we always assume “the adults now nothing”. Over the years I’ve had more patience to hear out my dad’s stories, Even though he repeats them for the hundredth time. 237 more words