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Me and Jens back in action

About a week ago me and my childhood friend Jens Bonde and I started rehearsing a couple of songs for his midsummer party. Midsummer (Midsommar) is a very old tradition here in Sweden where people come together to celebrate, eat good food and DRINK. 309 more words


Help Cardboard Box Puppy Dumped During Tropical Storm

This little Doxie puppy was left out in a cardboard box like someone’s garbage in a warehouse parking lot during tropical storm Bill.  When workers started arriving they saw the puppy in a wet cardboard box in the parking lot.  286 more words


It's the Little Things That Make Me Smile...Like Purple Dogs สุนัขสีม่วง

It’s the Little Things That Make Me Smile…Like Purple Dogs สุนัขสีม่วง

That’s right, purple dogs. Are they purple because the owner is feeling festive? No. In Thailand there are street dogs everywhere. 344 more words


This bear is just getting over a case of the mange. Mange is a small parasite that burrows under the skin. It makes the skin very itchy for the poor bear. 36 more words

Tofino Wildlife

A Tale of Two Canines: Part One

From Left to Right: Dory, Waldo, Pen

Here I am hanging out with two of my good buddies Dory and Waldo. Ten years ago, a lady living down the block in downtown LA was trying to give Dory away because no one wanted her – Dory’s little body was consumed by mange so she was bald and not looking too healthy! 67 more words


Lime Sulfur Dip For Dogs and Cat.

A couple of months ago, Gnome made Lime Sulphur as a Bored-in-Belize project.  One of the many uses of it is a dip for dogs and cats.   184 more words


A Beautiful New Life for Bella


At the beginning of February, our cruelty investigators were called to a site where some dogs were loose on a property filled with trash. When they arrived, they discovered little Bella, a two-month old puppy, with a huge, open wound on her neck. 165 more words

Houston SPCA