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Where to Stay, Eat, and Shop in Piemonte (updated June 2017)

Piemonte is located two hours by car southwest of Milano, a one hour drive from Torino, and only slightly more than three hours from Geneva International Airports, making it very accessible. 779 more words

Regional Wine Travel

Day 2: Favourite anime you've watched so far

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series I don’t think I will ever get bored of and is my favourite anime that I have watched so far, especially part 4. 736 more words

Golden Brodie retrieves for you the Virginia State Flower and Tree

I’m a content and people pleasing golden…I try anyway…and today I am bringing you a present…a virtual flower and tree that are near and dear to my Virginia born heart…the Dogwood.   89 more words


Anticoagulant rodenticides can cause mange

Serieys, Laurel EK, et al. “Serum chemistry, hematologic, and post-mortem findings in free-ranging bobcats (Lynx rufus) with notoedric mange.” The Journal of parasitology 99.6 (2013): 989-996. 281 more words


RAT POISON in Smaller Doses -- When It Doesn't Kill Right Off

Rat poison kills by use of the ingredient warfarin, or a second generation thereof, which thins the blood. In small doses, humans take a similar drug known as cumaden to prevent strokes. 418 more words


Rescuing and rehabilitating foxes

Today I’ve been visiting the Fox Project, just outside Tunbridge Wells.  It’s a charity dedicated to rescuing sick or injured foxes, rehabilitating and re-releasing them.   388 more words


Verborum Vomitus

Verborum vomitus is Latin for “verbal vomit”.  I had a an attack of verborum vomitus today while at the post office.  It was not pretty. 586 more words