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Smokin' HOT Man


You’re a hot smokin’ man and we have a man’s man soap for you that you can only get exclusively from Simple Soaparie. 138 more words

Simple Soaparie

What's on the Hairizon?

Black is beautiful! One of the ways to keep skin and hair beautiful is through the use of various products. Hairizon is a shop nestled in downtown Durham, NC (for the moment). 435 more words

Black Owned

Chardonnay Body Butter

If I could only only say one wonderful thing about our Chardonnay Body Butter it would be that it provides all day moisture. We make this butter using Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Hazelnut Oil. 46 more words

Body Butter

Jessica's #HSW

Well it’s not everyday you walk into an Israelite right? And she lives and owns a growing business in Barbados. If the needle in the haystack was threaded with a strand of natural hair, I think SpecialKinks could find it. 1,838 more words

Natural Hair

Hydrating Body Butter Recipe

I always love experimenting with beauty products, especially making my own because I can customise them to my skincare needs and I know the ingredients! So I decided to share this body butter in particular because it’s easy to make and it looks and feels like whipped cream. 56 more words


DIY: Body Butter

When it comes to using skin products–whether it is sunscreen, lotion, body butter, or chapstick–I always ask myself: is this something that I could eat? I know that sounds crazy, but our skin is our largest organ and drenching it in a bunch of chemicals just doesn’t seem right. 835 more words


Must-Have in your bag : Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick

Every single girl has incredible, useful, useless, unbelievable stuffs in their handbags. But, obviously we ALWAYS forgot the only thing we really need that day. For instance, hopefully today you have not forgotten your magic lipstick but how are you going to put it on your lips without a mirror…? 171 more words