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Maybe I'll see you again! (The Mango Chronicle)


I used to be a mango,

but now I’m lackĀ of flesh.

Somebody has just satisfied his ego,

and now I’m left beside the trash. 190 more words


June 29, 2016 (Wednesday)

Updated: July 7, 2016

Last Saturday I climbed one of the mango trees near our house to get some fruits. There were a lot of obstacles before I could get the fruit, but it was worth it. 777 more words


Mango Tree, Thai Street Food Festival

Mango Tree and Mango Tree Bistro are holding a Thai Street Food Festival until May 15 to offer diners a symphony of visual delight and an explosion of unique, gastronomic flavors and spices. 215 more words

Filipino Food Blog

2016 Project 365, Day 95: Mango Season!

Photo #95: April 4

Woot! Our mango tree has so many fruits already! Some have started to fall off the tree, so I’m also beginning to collect them in our ref! 7 more words

So It Began..

I am not aware how these things start. I believe it can happen at any point of time and to anybody who wishes for it. I am not sure if I wished for it but yes I feel that I longed for it on and off; there was this constant thirst to break free from the four pillars that I stayed in, to get away from my comfort zone. 1,309 more words


5 Health Benefits of Mango Leaf

Adored for its sweet fruit and its fragrant flowers, the mango tree is ubiquitous throughout the tropics. While the fruit offers many health benefits including loads of free radical fighting, cancer-fighting vitamins and nutrients , the leaves of the mango are extremely rich in vitamins A, B C, flavonoids and phenols and used in a myriad of home remedies in throughout the Caribbean and India. 327 more words