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Bacon Mango Fried Rice

Bacon Mango WHAT?  Yes, I did.  I found a new fried rice recipe!  With bacon, which is unusual enough, but then it added mango.  Diced mango, caramelized in the bacon drippings was added to the rice.  558 more words



An ancient fruit and arguably the most popular in many parts of the world, mangoes are in the same family of plants as pistachios and cashews, which are also tropical, fruit-bearing trees that can grow up to 100 feet in height. 111 more words

Foodie Facts

Every leaf is a flower

Stigla nam je jesen! Ta stara dama, okusa vina i mirisa pečenih kestena… Ima nešto u ovome dobu, nešto sneno i spokojno. Pada lišće, padaju kiše, sunce nas jutrima samo zavarava… Za mene je jesen vrijeme nježnosti i vrijeme novih životnih poglavlja. 234 more words


Mango jeans

I’ve just bought these jeggings from Mango.  I know that I have just donated half my clothes to my charity shop but in fact this revealed that I was really short on jeans. 119 more words


Accessories are a must!

Accessories are a must!

Most women require some type of accessories, one of the most popular being the purse. There are so many different styles, colors, textures, and patterns that purses come in not to mention the purses most suited for a particular occasion. 97 more words