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Recipe of the Day: Black Bean-Mango Salad

Black Bean-Mango Salad

2 medium mangoes, peeled and cubed
1 cup canned black beans, rinsed and drained
1/4 cup finely chopped sweet red pepper… 63 more words

Recipe Of The Day

Carol's Mango Chicken

I also throw in other vegetables like courgettes sometimes, but that’s me and I use chili. 478 more words


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Love mangoes and chicken this is a match made in heaven...Mangoes are plentiful here and I am always looking for ways to use them apart from smoothies and nice strips of crispy chicken go really well with the sauce and it has chilli...Enjoy!

On This Day: 18 September 1703

On this day in 1703, Thomas Bowrey purchased 28 bundles of iron hoops for his ship, the Rising Sun, from Samuel Berdoe. There is nothing very remarkable about this purchase but it does point to how self-sufficient the crew of ships of this period needed to be. 157 more words

Prawn, avocado and mango salad

The great prawn cookbook, 144pp.
recipes by Stephanie Souvlis, Jenny Fanshaw, Ellen Argyriou and Di Kirby
R&R Publications Marketing, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia, 2002
Cooking on pages 32–33… 323 more words

Light Meal

Love on the Playa

​In the myth of Krishna and the fruit seller, an old hawker woman selflessly satisfies the god child’s desire for her ripe and aromatic produce, even though he seems to offer her practically nothing in return. 261 more words

Yes, I work in customer service. No, I am not flirting with you.

It was a semi-late Sunday night and I was craving strawberries and mangoes. They just sounded so incredibly fresh and different compared to the other crap I have been eating lately. 487 more words


September 10 Progress

Looks like Oz is going to grow new set of leaves! Oz is the third oldest mango. I think Australian, that’s why I called him Oz. 128 more words

Baby Mango