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Where I am, today is the last day of summer, although, tecnically, “summer” tends to extend several weeks (if not a month or two) beyond it’s school-book defined limits (traditionally, summer is only meant to be from the start of December to the end of February). 774 more words


Don't Judge a Mango by its Cover ...

Apparently books aren’t the only inanimate (or animate) objects you shouldn’t be judging by their skins.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m being melodramatic? Okay, so I wouldn’t (more like couldn’t) normally argue with you on that point as severely as I should – I just wish I had taken a photograph of this enticingly flirtatious mango so you could all get it. 229 more words

Venting & Other "bleh" Scribbles

Short story - A mango party


Short story – A mango party

By Mariha Ghazal

“Ok everyone, hurry up. We are getting late!” shouted papa from downstairs. The whole house seemed as if it had been hit by a hurricane. 635 more words

Short Stories

Mangoes are such a tasty tropical fruit

Is there any better dessert after a curry than a mango? One average one contains more than half a daily dose of vitamin C, two-thirds of vitamin A, nearly half of vitamin E, almost a quarter of fibre, and good amounts of potassium, iron and nicotinic acid. 176 more words


Mango chutney

I have procrastinated about making mango chutney for some time. I’m a massive fan, but when I look at recipes out there and see ‘1 kg of sugar’, I shudder a bit and shelve the thought for another time. 416 more words

Clean Eating

Watercolor Study - Mangoes and Suman

Mangoes are easily available in our tropical country – Philippines and suman is like a sticky rice that you dip on sugar. (LOL I don’t know if I described it properly). 48 more words


Goodies from Aunt Maggies

A trip to Aunt Maggies on Carlisle Street always results in a yummy haul … and a considerably lighter wallet.

I love this shop. It’s large and bursting with interesting healthy foods, natural supplements and organic skincare products. 349 more words