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“A mango juice, Bhaiya,” Fiza told the man at the fruit juice cart.

His was a cart just on the side of the road. There was no electricity and the man had to prepare the juice manually. 143 more words


Nostalgia - Free verse

Where is home?

The place you stay in

Or the one you visit

Is it a loved one’s arms

Or a corner of their heart? 55 more words


11:34 PM, 18th April, 2017

Born with an innocence that is susceptible to the corruption of time. Like the moment when you were thirteen and you went to your mom’s cupboard to feel her brassiere, like the moment you fell in love with a teacher and fantasized about her and the time in the very beginning when someone caught you plagiarizing. 160 more words


Kapus Kondyachi Goshta and other memories

Silly Sunday chat with my buddy…. Me asking questions….chombdepana, as it often gets called. And suddenly he switches to “Kapus kondyachi goshta saangu ka… 671 more words

Food-ducation! #1

Okay so I’m just trying something out here. A little post here and there about some food/drinks that I think are significant enough to share (isn’t it all though? 312 more words


Best fruits to eat when having a bad day.

Having a bad day? Wait! Before you go binging on something unhealthy, grab some fresh fruit to eat instead. We’re not saying you shouldn’t ever indulge in something high-cal occasionally, but when you do it while you’re having a bad day, it provides a fix mentally that will have you always turning to fattier foods for comfort. 369 more words