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I’m no psychic or no seer; but, one thing I know for sure is that these sturdy green mangoes will transform into amazingly, juicy and sweet specimens. 151 more words

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Mango Nightmares!

OK so I don’t know if I’m alone in this.  Maybe I am, or maybe somewhere out there in my readership is another person who also gets Mango Nightmares.   553 more words


Mango Fool with Moringa

Well into mango season, driving past Kodo village in Niger State, Nigeria, my mother and I came across women selling mangoes under a bush of mango trees. 292 more words


Mango Festival at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai

The Summer Season is on with all its fury in the country but it’s raining mangoes at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai!

The Indian summer besides the scorching heat also brings with it the King of all fruits, the beautiful mango.  428 more words


mangoes in india - sweet and succulent; raw and sour

sweet and succulent with history

I have eaten mangoes from the time I remember as a young kid in Hyderabad, India. Three were the interests of the summer holidays – mangoes, detective stories, and cricket. 311 more words

What makes mangoes the king of the fruits?

Well, everything! From their sweet nectar to their texture to their sunny-saffron colour; we all just adore mangoes. You can eat them just like that or make your favourite sweet or savoury dishes. 67 more words

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Jollof Rice Kenyan Style

We have all heard of the famous jollof rice that is usually a bone of contention between Nigerians and Ghanaians over whose is better. Well how about throwing the Kenyan hat in that proverbial ring? 185 more words