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Mango Macarons and How I went to Cordon Bleu

There is a very talented Facebook page called the Home Bakers Guild, and for the next four Tuesdays I am the Blogger of The month. 1,080 more words

Bake And Make

Stones, Mangoes, Papayas and Bananas.

Ahmad Maslan recently admitted his willingness to explain the benefit of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to the entire Malaysian population even if it meant he has to endure stones being thrown at him. 447 more words

Fa Abdul

Winters over Summers ?

As a kid I used to love the summers. The summer almost seemed like real Christmas during which a Santa Clause would arrive with his bags full of goodies like the ice candies, summer vacations, trips and not to forget the deliciously juicy mangoes. 477 more words

M is for May... and Mango Smoothie!

I can’t have enough of mangoes!

It’s May and ripe, juicy, delicious mangoes are being seen all over the city. I can eat this fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 182 more words


My baking experiment #31 - Lemon mango scones

I’ve often wondered about scones. They are a British pastry often served with tea or coffee. The scones I’ve tried are often dry & hard as rock; I’ve never really liked them. 367 more words

Mango Ref Cake

1 pack Graham crackers
2 packs of 250 ml all-purpose cream or heavy cream (approximately 2 cups)
1 small can condensed milk (about 3/4 cup) 163 more words




Summer is such a nostalgic time. The bright almost blinding sun, the April-May heat, the draining humidity and most of all a city filled to the brim with cartloads of yellow, greenish, orangeish fragrant mangoes. 766 more words