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Mangosteen: The Monkey Fruit

Bali is a tropical island full of amazing surprises and one of them is an amazing fruit similar to lychee called mangosteen, which was introduced to us via… 276 more words


What the What is a Mangosteen

Something I’ve really enjoyed this year has been the seasonal produce. I feel like I always know what’s in season based on what is in the produce stand and grocery store. 337 more words

Life In China

Fruit Heaven

Mango is by far my most favorite fruit in the whole wide world and since coming to Thailand I have had the pleaure of being able to have at least one if not two Mango smoothies per day.   654 more words



The mangosteen is a tropical fruit that grows in South East Asia. When in season it’s easy to find here in China, though it isn’t traditionally cultivated here. 132 more words


Fruits of the season

They come in different shapes, sizes and colors Instead of a slice of pine apple, why not try a mangosteen? Opt for papaya over watermelon for a change. 359 more words

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"Awwwwhhhhh.... I miss Malaysia...." 😢

Growing up in Malaysia, a country blessed with a wide range of tropical fruits makes me a happy fruit lover 🐵. I love all of the seasonal and non-seasonal fruits available all year round in my beloved home country, for instance guava, papaya, mangosteen, cempedak, rose apple, langsat, rambutan, ciku (sapodilla), starfruit, nangka (jackfruit), mango… just to name a few. 437 more words

Old Sukhothai Market and Forest Temples

Old Sukhothai Market 

We started off the morning today by visiting the market near where we were staying. We had been a few times already, but always in the evening. 630 more words