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Guest Post: Where in the World Does Your Food Come From?

Special guest post by Amanda Harris,

author of Fruits of Eden

Throughout his life, David Fairchild was America’s best-known plant explorer. He and a small group of other dedicated botanists, who each loved eating and traveling and swapping adventure stories, helped to transform American food. 841 more words


XANGO® Juice – The Original Mangosteen Supplement

XANGO® Juice – The Original Mangosteen Supplement :

XanGo juice has been on the market since 2003 and is produced from the use of the whole Mangosteen Fruit inclusive of both the rind and the pulp. 625 more words



Mangosteen :

For centuries, those in Southeast Asia have revered the mangosteen, both for its flavor and the suggestion that it promotes good health. The whole mangosteen fruit—especially the xanthone-packed pericarp or rind—has been used traditionally for centuries. 317 more words


Glimpse® Brighten $78.00

Glimpse® Brighten $78.00 :

As a powerful component of BioActive X3 Complex, Glimpse Mangosteen Brighten (Mangosteen Polymeric Complex) is derived from the mangosteen fruit through an advanced and customized biofermentation process designed to deliver optimal skin health. 206 more words


Glimpse® Pericarp Oil $78.00

Glimpse® Pericarp Oil $78.00 :

Glimpse Mangosteen Pericarp Oil delivers the life force of the mangosteen in a highly concentrated essence. Loaded with vibrant yellow xanthones, Pericarp Oil helps strengthen and stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production, calming the signs of inflammation. 140 more words


Juni™ Hand & Body Wash $22.40

Juni™ Hand & Body Wash $22.40 :

Product Description:

Refreshing grapefruit, balancing geranium, revitalizing lemongrass, restoring ylang ylang and nourishing mangosteen provide an uplifting experience.Directions… 403 more words


Favao – Metabolic

Favao – Metabolic :

Buy Metabolic

Product Description

FAVAO Metabolic combines mangosteen with other natural ingredients to promote appetite control, fat burning and a healthy metabolism. 463 more words