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Fruit of the Month: Purple Mangosteen

Can you believe it’s here again? We’ve made it to March, and that means another Fruit of the Month!

This month, the purple mangosteen takes the crown. 141 more words



Mangosteen is delicious.  Of course, it’s important to know that you are only supposed to eat the white part.  Whatever you do, don’t eat the red part.  It is disgusting!

The Mangosteen Fruit 

For many people the Mangosteen Fruit has never been heard of – for the other few that have traveled to different parts of the world like South East Asia, Thailand & the Philippians just to list a couple of countries that you may have had the pleasure of seeing and tasting this delicious fruit, you would know that it’s one of Nature’s super foods and is a delicacy in these countries. 123 more words


Tamara's Birthday

Back in February, my best friend/lifemate had a birthday. I went down to Albuquerque to spend it with her. We went out to dinner at BJ’s and got her a Pizzookie. 154 more words


I recently came across this article about a company called SkinOwl and I couldn’t help myself. Product junkie that I am, I had to try it out. 507 more words

Kapsul Kulit Manggis

Memperkenalkan MANGGIS dalam KAPSUL #1 di Malaysia.

Mudah dibawa, disimpan dan dimakan. Mempunyai khasiat yang sangat baik untuk ANDA yang mempunyai kolesteral yang tinggi atau masalah saraf bersimpul.

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Kaitan kolesterol dengan umur dan keturunan

2 Faktor Penyebab Kolesterol Tinggi :
1. Umur – Mencapai 40 tahun, kadar peningkatan semakin cepat.
2. Keturunan – Jika ibubapa mempunyai masalah yang sama, kemungkinan adalah lebih tinggi.