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Mangrove Madness

Sprouted seedlings resemble spikes, scrape against flesh. Muck-laden arms reach for skeletal roots. I grapple, slip, and drag myself through waist deep mud, heaving air like a waterless fish. 350 more words

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Delfin is a guide in Sabang, Palawan’s mangrove paddle boat tour. He sings about the need to preserve these 30-meter mangrove trees that house most of Palawan’s rare species including snakes, birds and fingerlings. 48 more words


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Mangroves are salt tolerant trees and shrubs found along sheltered coastlines in shallow-water lagoons, estuaries and river deltas in 124 tropical and sub-tropical countries.

They provide a transition ecosystem between terrestrial and marine communities of plants and animals. 189 more words


Kayaking in the Mangroves

Having set my eye on the mangroves ever since I moved to the sandpit, I finally got around to exploring Abu Dhabi’s natural beauty by kayak with a friend. 402 more words

Middle East

Half-a-day escapade to Bandar Al Khiran (Khayran)

This place is truly a beautiful setting amidst the Sultanate’s crystal-clear waters and craggy Mountains. It is an ecosystem and excellent destination for water activities rolled into one. 167 more words

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Secret sounds beneath the water surface

What can you hear? Are you listening? 18 July is World Listening Day and the theme this year is “H2O”. Take a listen to some of the secret sounds beneath the water surface. 405 more words


Sri Lanka Takes the Ecofeminism Route

Big news for the environment: Sri Lanka’s new government just took the unprecedented, historic step to protect all of its mangroves. The move, the first of its kind anywhere in the world, will provide long-term environmental, social and, last but not least, economic benefits to the Indian Ocean island nation, and provide a model for other vulnerable tropical nations to follow. 465 more words