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The $127,000 Hug

Who knew a hug could cost you six figures and it not involve a sexual harassment claim? A Manhattan woman sued her nephew after he accidentally broke her wrist. 136 more words


The True Story Behind Atomic TV Drama Manhattan

Everyone knows the endgame of WGN America’s Manhattan, an under-the-radar prestige drama that returns for a second season on Tuesday night. The series follows the scientists invited to a secret location in Los Alamos, N.M., to develop the atomic bomb. 541 more words

Why are a real scientist and real history expert on the set of WGN America's 'Manhattan'?

SANTA FE, NM (WGNO) –  Manhattan is more than a prime time TV show.  It’s the real deal.

That’s why a real scientist and a real history expert are on the set.   63 more words


Are you good or evil? Who's who on WGN America's 'Manhattan'

SANTA FE, NM (WGNO) –  It’s a battle between good and evil on WGN America’s prime time TV show Manhattan.

The big battle is the race against the clock to build the atom bomb. 55 more words


Gone in 20 minutes: Jury quickly dismisses woman’s lawsuit against 12-year-old nephew

It only took minutes for the jury to dismiss a Manhattan woman’s suit against her 12-year-old nephew for $127,000.

In fact, in just 20 minutes the jury tossed out Jennifer Connell’s claim that Sean Tarala’s exuberant hug at his eighth birthday party broke her wrist and made life “very difficult” for her, … 334 more words


October Recap

As we reach the middle of October, the bulk of the new shows have started and with the exception of some end of the month additions and a few coming in November, everything is pretty much set for the season.  566 more words

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