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A word of caution to the reader. This post may seem largely disjointed. It is likely due to the fact that I am writing this as I think and ponder current circumstance. 594 more words



This post is specifically directed to those of us with significant others whether partner, child or friend. As men, we play many roles-leader, father, husband, lover. 592 more words


Man Bad but Same as Woman

I just love it when the feminists assert that males and females are “basically” the same in their makeup because the fact is there are some clear differences between the sexes and males are, indeed, different from females in many ways For one thing males tend to be more aggressive and competitive than most females and males have different “plumbing” than females (Hello!!) among other things. 541 more words


Transparently, by James Howard Kunstler

James Howard Kunstler ponders today’s gender and sexual confusion. From Kunstler at kunstler.com:

As long as sexual hysteria is the order of the day, there was juicy item stowed on the back blue pages of… 350 more words


Selfish Guilt?

An impromptu day off. 

My wife is ill. Quite unwell in fact.

Not only is she suffering toothache, the first time that dastardly infliction has struck her down, but she has copped whatever horrible affliction that lowered our kids over the last week or so. 582 more words

The Final Sunday In Ordinary Time

I am sure that a few of y’all were looking forward to the next episodes of my stories, or wanted to see what I might still have in the stack. 379 more words


Podcast: Guaranteed Wisdom

Contrary to what some people may think, wisdom does not come automatically. Just the opposite in fact. It takes intentionality, lots of discipline, and a desire to pursue it. 19 more words