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Living with Bipolar Disorder

Lately I have been feeling depressed and ill at ease. I feel the anxiety of being unemployed now and the fear of going back to work soon. 349 more words


Please Help Me This Thursday! (My Video Blog)

I know the freeze frame makes me look scary & under the influence of something, but it’s just endorphins!

Please give this vlog a listen – I’d be extremely grateful to each of you. 16 more words

Bipolar Disorder


Hope is important. Because even at the end of the day, and you’re at your wits end. It’s basically the hundredth time you’ve picked yourself up again, because you know, you’re at the bottom of the barrel. 41 more words



Today is a crying day. I just want to cry for no reason at all.  I’m currently trying to come out of a depressive episode. Two weeks ago my brother and his girlfriend got engaged as well as a friend of mine that used to be closer to me but isn’t anymore.  840 more words


Trying New Things

Hi, my name is Kimberly and I have Bipolar Disorder Type 1.  That’s how you introduce yourself in group therapy right?  Okay, so hi!  I’m new to this blogging thing and I figured I’d give it a go after thinking about it for a few weeks.   1,388 more words


Will history repeat itself?

In this post, I will be interviewing my mother who knows much more about the history of my family’s mental illness. In hopes of finding out more about who I am, here it goes. 1,983 more words

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