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Welcome to My Life

I find myself lying on the cold, hard, bathroom floor. Hyperventilating & unable to breathe, I somehow get enough strength to curl into the fetal position. 468 more words

Manic Depressive

It is as if some sort of cosmic energyIs continually pulsing
Through my veins,

Cascading along, dancing

With my white blood cells, finding

A home in every organ… 92 more words

Bipolar Ii Disorder

Murder? You be the judge.

A new free ebook by Eric Christopher Miller.

Forget NCIS, people – this sh*t’s for real!!

In 2006, Eric Christopher Miller shot ‘Jamey B’ twice in the head point-blank with deer slugs from a 12-gauge shotgun. 61 more words


Family Stigma.....Off 'Da Chain!!!!! lol

This story, many of you probably relate, is on bphope.com, the online wing of Bipolar Magazine. Obviously, I put it on here so you’d click it but it’s funny, humorous in its’ own way. 13 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Poem: Pain Romanticized

Why do some romanticize their sadness as to alleviate their heart?
All in all, all that it does is push bruises down hard.
Why not change the song and change the tune of your story? 356 more words

Cognitive Attributes

Bipolar Disorder - Facts & Figures

This post is a comprehensive collection of facts & figures about mental illnesses.

Mental illness is very common. One in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year. 865 more words

20. Migraine in F Sharp

I wonder who began this

tangled mess, was it some

game of mazes or an

intertwining of jests