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Blackened Lies

Those lies….
White lies worsening w/time
I just want to shake you & scream WHY!?
I eat my words & sit in regret; watching it die… 225 more words

Bipolar Rainbows

Tip-toeing around temptation

every moment’s a revelation, a sensation

of euphoria and glory to floor me

once it’s over and I fall over into a hole, 36 more words


Attempting To Try

I am trying to have a positive outlook, as best as I can anyhow. I have been battling the depression side of my Bipolar 1. I had my mania phase, my med induced zombification, and now depression. 282 more words

How To Love Your Bipolar (Manic Depressive) Girlfriend

For a person who suffers from a bipolar disorder, there is only dropping into blues or going nuclear with exhilaration. There is no in between. The question is how to keep your head over water with a person who could drown you into her whirlpool of extremes. 1,479 more words

The Bitch Depression Strikes Again...

Having struggled with my own depression on and off over the years, I know it can be a bitch.  My postpartum depression was definitely the worst, filling my head with talking telephone wires and constant thoughts of downing a bottle of pills.   1,319 more words


Escaping, outdated breath
Moans of pains abreast
Dreaming of an eternal rest

Piercing depths w/in the soul
Gnawing on innocence; if told
Pressure upon the words to hold… 59 more words


I have an addictive personality, as in, I get easily obsessed with things. ‘Things’ can range from mind altering substances (see: coffee, benadryl, etc.) to an activity (see: scab picking, gaming, etc.) to a person (see: unhealthy as fuck). 376 more words

The Study Of Life