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I find myself short on patience these days, definitely a sign of mania for me.  Everyone is moving too slowly and I can’t do what I want because all these slow people are in my way.  400 more words


Bipolar Disorder & Impulsivity II

Getting a grip

So, how do you begin to get a handle on impulsivity? At minimum, talk with your doctor or therapist. This may present another challenge, as impulsivity often involves embarrassing symptoms that neither you, nor your doctor, may be comfortable talking about. 310 more words

Manic or Not-Manic?

It is seriously hard to tell for myself when I am hypomanic or even full blown manic.  After my couple of down days I am starting to question whether I have not gotten myself in over my head in another hypomanic episode.  121 more words


Living with bipolar & Impulsivity

In order to fan the flames of mania or pacify the pain of depression, we are particularly prone to a more costly form of impulsivity. To learn more about the cycle of bipolar and impulsivity, 680 more words



Boredom is

likely to

end in self-destruction

More likely to

dwindle into

greater depths of



Boredom is

likely to manifest

as self-destructive… 34 more words


v. A Cosmic Jape

I thought of

becoming a doctor

at some point

Between the

needles and the

hospital visits, as a child

I guess I never

had the patience… 103 more words



If  STIGMA  didn’t exist, we would discuss mental illness more openly. I saw a recent unpleasant post on Twitter where someone posted a tweet that essentially said “Bipolar is not an illness. 341 more words