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I was at work with this guy that I like to hang out with when it happened.  I knew that it was possible, that it might happen again, I just didn’t think that it would be this soon.   638 more words

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Finding my sunshine

I am truly envious of those people. Those people who are content. Happy with where they are and glad of their circumstance. They make me green- eyed and feel ‘not so virtuous’. 312 more words


When the Madness Almost Wins

Last night was a bad night.  Really bad.  It was the worst night I’ve had in a very, very long time.

I never consider myself to be truly suicidal, because when it comes right down to it, I have four very strong, solid reasons to not fall off that cliff: Firstborn, Girl Child, Minion, and Baby Bee. 1,705 more words

Help I think I'm #manicdepressive

I am beginning to think I am manic depressive… Not sure why but I get super depressed when I’m alone or really just when ever something bad happens.. 101 more words

Postpartum Bipolar Disorder Research Study

My friend & colleague, Dr. Walker Karraa, is studying the stigma surrounding postpartum bipolar disorder. If you fit her research criteria and are interested in participating, please do so. 226 more words

About Mental Health

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Hello, my friends! It's an older-but-wiser Dyane here, and I'm grateful for the lovely birthday comments you've left over the past couple days! :) Lucy and I had a mellow, mutual birthday, with one REALLY amazing thing happening to me (I'll blog about that soon, I promise!) and balanced out by a couple of weird, minor-yet-slightly upsetting things which I'll most likely blog about at some point. I think I was extra-sensitive because it was my birthday and I'm weird like that. I wasn't given an inflatable Alpura Dancing Cow outfit as a gift, but I will get over my disappointment. I'm sure that thing cost at least $500! On a separate note. I'm pleased to report a recruitment for the first study that specifically addresses mothers, stigma and bipolar disorder in the postpartum period (0-12 months). It's being conducted by my friend Dr. Walker Karraa, author of the acclaimed book "Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women's Stories of Trauma and Growth" (the #1 bestseller in the Amazon postpartum book category!!!) and founder of Stigmama. I'm honored that Dr. Karraa agreed to write the foreword to "Birth of a New Brain - Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder" - she's my top pick in the entire world to do such a thing! Our mutual friend, the writer/mental health advocate  Kitt O'Malley, blogged about Dr. Karraa's study requirements, and I jumped at the chance to reblog it. If you could spread the word about this study, we'd all be grateful. Thanks so much, and have a great weekend! love, Dyane :)

Positive changes

Well this has been a great start to a work week. I’m so excited to be a part of a great organization that has started in my hometown called Recovery Is Happening. 381 more words

The Magic of the Alpura Cow Dancer

In my last post I declared I’d keep the next post around 500 words or less.  

I think I can do it today, so I’m going for it!   677 more words

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