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Euphoria, My Old Friend I Have Missed You

Uh-Oh I’m Hypo.  I went straight from a long depressive episode to hypomanic,  three days ago I was sleeping fourteen hours a day and now I am not only sleeping less (I’ve been up since two), I feel good, I’m happy and I’m motivated.  154 more words


"mental illness" and "guns"

my thoughts:

  1. background checks seem like a good idea
    1. if you have a qualifying(whatever qualifying is) mental illness especially bi-polar and schizophrenia you should be denied a gun …
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Swing Shift

I already knew I was getting a swingset for my sixth birthday—it would be impossible to hide a large box from a snoopy child, or surprise me with it erected in the backyard where I constantly tripped around, wrestling the dogs or plucking honeysuckle blooms to sip with my neighbor Colleen, our always-bare feet hard as hide. 1,052 more words


Poetic Interlude CXX

By Tyler J. Yoder

I haven’t slept; the dawn is here,
And I’m swept back to yesteryear.
A long-dead Uncle views the coast,
Embraces me; he is my host – 114 more words
Poetic Interludes

Bipolar...Manic Depressive...

One day up

Next day down

One day all darkness and shadows

Next day sunshine and clear blue skies of joy


Manic depressive

Just like… 59 more words


Upheaval - What Change Feels Like to a Manic Depressive

Change isn’t easy. It’s especially hard on someone who thrives on routine — that would be bipolar folks like me.

My life decided to line up a few of the most major changes someone can go through in one season: getting married, buying a house / moving, having a baby. 501 more words


Angel On My Shoulder

My daughter, Justine was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when she was a teenager. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a mental illness and it used to be called “Manic-Depression”. 485 more words

Justine Brooks