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Staring at their darkened paths
Empty pasts & futures made out of other’s ash
Not wanting to follow their dusty tracks

She sets adrift amongst strangers… 103 more words

Here we go again...Life

Right at the back of your mind lives a small house in which you have put every fairy tale, Disney film and TV show ending. A world in which we all get our “Happily ever after” – rewarded for the hard work and attempts at being a decent person (even though we fail on a regular basis). 718 more words


Mania...the bad type

My mind is restless. My blood pressure is high. It feels like electricity is running through my veins. My hear beats faster than ever. My head is burning. 114 more words

Ending Psychotherapy

10 Tips When Ending Psychotherapy

1. Understand The Process.

While many therapists are good about explaining the termination process, some are not. Termination starts with a discussion about whether it might be a good time to end therapy. 982 more words

About Me

The name is Dawn.

27 years young.

Mother to 15 month old daughter.

Step mother to 8 year old boy.

Bachelor’s Degree in English from Virginia Commonwealth University. 112 more words


Staying Mentally Strong

1. I have what I need to get through this.
Thinking things like “I can’t do this” or “This isn’t fair” will cause you to feel defeated. 524 more words

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news!

So yesterday I talked about my long absence and how bipolar depression wreaks havoc on my life. Bipolar patients used to be called manic-depressives because they lived life on two extreme ends of the same spectrum, with the middle being considered “normal”. 1,071 more words

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