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Bipolar disorder, once known as manic depression, was initially thought of as one disorder. Now, however, we know there are several bipolar disorder types. 801 more words

Bipolar Depression Treatment

Challenges of Bipolar Depression Treatment

The differences between depression (major depressive disorder or unipolar depression) and bipolar depression treatment are related to the mood swings that are part of bipolar disorder. 550 more words

Disappointment? Temper Tantrum or Creative Opportunity?

Yes. that’s exactly what I say!  I go through a few stages.  First I’m brokenhearted something doesn’t work out the way I would like, then I’m angry that I don’t get my way, (kind of selfish and brat-tish, isn’t it).   450 more words



As wounds bleed

A cleansing crimson


Marking to blot

Out the razor’s slip

Of the tongue

Drawing its elements

Heals the untimely attempt

For even the body isn’t… 30 more words


Sometimes you have to make the right decision even if it isn't the decision you want to make

Like many sufferers from bipolar, when I am hypomanic I am sometimes reluctant to tell the psychiatrist as I am enjoying myself in my high and don’t want to stop having fun. 75 more words

Sleepless Stimulants

I place my face upon her

darkened skies

Drawing stars in

each breath

They congeal creating

voids at my throat

That grind my teeth numb

and sink my cheeks


What Its Like Being Bipolar

What It’s Like

Bipolar disorder is an illness that can be distressingly difficult to live with – although with the right treatment, and over time, people can become adept in managing the illness and are able to live full and productive lives. 430 more words