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When Hopelessness Hits

I’ve spiraled down
and now I fear
what’s on my plate
is a fate
I did not anticipate.

I thought I had
an excellent plan… 94 more words


Writing Cycles

I tend to be inspired by topics swirling around mental health: I’m interested in mental illness and its effects on people and relationships; I’m fascinated by psychology and states of mind that make people see and believe things that don’t align with reality. 626 more words


Destructing Structure.

I’ve been working so, so hard. I’ve honestly never worked so hard in my life. I’m changing my thought processes and my language to accommodate better work ethics and healthier emotional responses. 310 more words

The Study Of Life


Today is a really important day to me. I’m so excited and beyond grateful to finally be getting my four year medallion. Being sober has taught me many things some positive and some negative, however the positives outweigh the negative by far. 361 more words

The Great Depression

Someone once told me that hanging out with me is like masturbating with a cheese grater… amusing, but mostly painful.  When I think about it, living with bipolar is kind of the same. 1,128 more words


Seeing Ghosts

Bipolar does not play by the rules. It doesn’t stick to a routine of 6 months up, 6 months down and 25 days holiday, it doesn’t cow tow to tablets strong enough to destroy fully functioning organs and it never clears on the days that you need it to. 1,916 more words



noun, plural schizos.
1. a schizophrenic or schizoid person.
2. schizophrenic or schizoid.
3. crazy; wildly eccentric; lunatic.

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Also, schitzo, schitz, schiz (for defs 1, 2) 1,723 more words

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