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A little bit of somethin'

So every now and again, I like to smash out a short story. They are usually very weird, about my mental illness and can take a whole bunch out of me while I write them. 1,477 more words


Mental Health Disorders

Life is hard for everyone. I suffer from several different types of mental disorders. I suffer from Anxiety, Bipolar, ADHD, and Depression

Some Clouds Who Wish to Become Diamonds

What happens when:

Ever shifting swirls bemoan;

Often pierced by unflinching metal birds now and then.

They dream of being a stone

Shaped, immutably, after the image of light… 78 more words



Value not those opinions
Those to, have had, helped your soul cry
Now, dry them eyes; no reasons, as to, why
Rebuke those minions of ill will; be wise… 99 more words

*Trigger-Suicide* One Last Push

Tripping on deeds done; you bleed
A mental disease w/more unease
Devastated as you explain your absentee

Willing & begging gods to all deities
Promises falsely filled your fantastical ears… 40 more words

The story of my life

After years of thinking about it I’ve started writing it – my story.

It’s a strange thing to do for someone like me; a nobody, but I’m not going to let it stop me. 569 more words


Happy Birthday!

It’s been a month, today, that I got out of the inpatient facility where I was the first week of April.  In that month, the new me … John William Walter the 4.5th we will say, has learned a lot. 399 more words