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I haven’t been on here in a while. But I need to write about this before I lose my mind.

Here is what it’s like: my mind is revolving around the sun all by itself. 539 more words


When You Suspect You're Bipolar, What Do You Do?

Sometimes you will need to go outside and walk without any destination in mind besides returning to the point from which you came, the place that you want to escape, the place you aren’t sure about: why does it feel like you have to get out? 883 more words

Wakey wakey...

Now that I have woken up from this 2-week long PMS/Rage/Manic/Depressive/Full Moon coma, I feel I am ready to start writing again. I have chosen NOT to go into the crisis center, as it was simply a depressed state I was in. 158 more words


Fantasy: fear of prospection part ii

If I’m ever famous the same sentence will be interpreted in a 180 degree fashion.

“I’m schizophrenic, I have voices in my head they tell me what to do” 94 more words

Bipolar Disorder Dating Bipolar Disorder: A Recipe for Disaster?

“How are you doing?”

“Fine. Good. Wow, it’s weird to say that and actually mean it. But, I am.”

“I can tell. You seem happy.” 2,242 more words

April Hunter

A few days ago

The antidepressant was obviously a good idea. I’ve been sleeping way too much, eating way too much and have totally stopped exercising. I have no motivation. 70 more words

The Problem with Positive People - A Manic Depressive's Perspective

We of the manic depressive community aren’t always depressed or always manic.  That’s part of the fun — which is it going to be today?  But when we’re in the midst of depression, whether it be an hour or a month, the  785 more words