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An Exploration of Me Today

Today I just want to explore my mood and where I stand within my bubble.  I’m not clear on just how I am or what my needs are right now.  898 more words



Its been a rough couple of days. Battling with my preteen on getting out of bed in the morning and getting off to school. It was UGLY! 371 more words



I suppose I’ve lived with bipolar disorder since puberty, but having a proper diagnosis (and treatment) really does make a big difference. I’ve been finding my identity with it since then. 167 more words


As is so often part of our stories, I am struggling hard with med compliance. While I am awaiting the response to my application for LTD, I have to be compliant with my treatment plan. 147 more words

The New Doc

Everything went well today with the new psych Dr. NP to be accurate, which to me means more training and real world experience. I like the guy and that’s kudos but also he listened to what I had to say, even despite the fact that I dragged my three year old along and she was incredibly restless and even yelling at times. 558 more words



Tomorrow is the big day on the Dr front. It’s my first appointment with psychiatry here in Ohio. I have been stressing about it all week, worrying that they won’t be cooperative with my chosen path or that they will flat out refuse to rewrite my referral for ECT. 686 more words


The Bipolar World- A photo collection

Photo Credit/Copyright: Jessica Hartman

Step into

A Depressive Episode

This is generally the most common type of episode experienced by those diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. 1,142 more words