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Medication, Sleep, and Attempting to Prevent Mania

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I slept for a little while, then I woke up and my mind and heart were racing. It was unusual for me, and I was concerned. 562 more words

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Pain, Depression and Why Do People Commit Suicide

When a big superstar died of suicide, the world mourns. The past few months, two stars have fallen. From Chris Cornell to Chester Bennington. What is it about stars and suicide? 632 more words

Reverse My Rhyme

Many a poems are not poetry w/out pain
Be it by love with emotional disdain
Be it mental, who can not contain insane

Ink to drip out of all their veins… 35 more words

Pitter Patter 🌧

I woke up automatically at 0720h.

I believe I slept earlier last night?

But I remember waking up every now and then though…

No matter what, it’s a good 8-9 hours worth of sleep. 142 more words

Bipolar Disorder

A Legit Affliction

And then starts the fantasy
That something could be properly wrong with me
A giant tumor for everyone see
Oh poor thing
She has cancer… 200 more words

"Poetry" / Lyrics-ish

Bipolar Disorder, Be Patient, Dears

Ever feel like you have a Jekyl and Hyde thing going on? I did but didn’t notice it as a problem until years after it began, and then finding the correct meds and behavioral therapy was like pulling teeth. 317 more words

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