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Inside The Bipolar Mind

Inside The Bipolar Mind

One thing that I have never written about on this blog, but probably should have is the fact that I have bipolar disorder. 341 more words


Cyclones, Rages, Phones and Phases

Cyclones, Rages, Phones and Phases, 08/03/2015, Deon Mumple

In my manic phases I’m a real renaissance man,
I can do more, I just can’t dance the can-can, 126 more words

My mother the enabler

So a topic recently came up my husband’s therapy sessions which was his perception that my mother enables me and therefore controls me. I was mad when my husband told me about it — my mom is a very kind hearted lady who fully understand my bipolar diagnosis. 141 more words


Just another (hypo)manic Sunday

I worked on the boat today. Another couple of weeks and it might be water worthy. I am so tired. I might need to stop working full time. 240 more words


Starting off in the Gutters

So lets make a rundown of what has happened so far. College resumed after the Eid holidays. I missed two weeks worth of classes. Now I have to face the music and explain why I was absent. 345 more words