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Back On That Track

So, yesterday I got a little off track with the whole “Bipolar Blog” thing. I was feeling strange about the 4th of July and how independence/dependence are separate than attachment/non-attachment. 778 more words


The Bipolar Introduction

My name is Jena Holly, and welcome to my mind.

I am a 30-year-old female and have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 w/psychotic episodes. These onsets started to occur when I was 24-25 years old, but I’m getting slightly ahead of myself. 566 more words


Manic brilliance

Just as I’ve admitted to sometimes missing the torrential flood of ideas that came when I was manic, I also miss the feeling of invincibility that comes with the grandiose thinking associated with a manic episode. 565 more words

My Magic Pink Panties Tell Me That Today Is Going To Be........


They did…That is what they say across my big old butt. And this big old butt this morning, wiggles and grooved to some Jason Derulo and Megan Trainor as it got dressed (Well until the sciatica kicked in and then it just kinda shimmied). 668 more words


The Calm After the Storm

So to say that this weekend was a bit of a $%*! storm would be an understatement. I promised myself when I began this blog that in order for me to be honest with myself and honest about this disease, I needed to first be honest on here. 583 more words

A pondering post

I was going through my closet and I found a lot photos and mementos from when I was in high school. So. Many. Things. About halfway through I realized that I could basically put the stuff in three categories: manic, depressed and stable. 476 more words