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Manic Monday

I should have realized that I was going into a manic mode Sunday when I couldn’t sit still or complete sentence. Not only is my mind bouncing all over the place but my nerves are on edge. 23 more words

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Thinking About Life

Hey everyone,

Today was Memorial Day, and I did absolutely nothing. I pretty much sat here in my recliner in my living room thinking. I did spend a couple of hours watching “Arrested Development” on Netflix, with my daughter. 209 more words


Repressed Thoughts

Hey everyone,

It is Sunday and not much happens here on Sunday so I will make this short, but painful.

Last night I finished reading, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” for the first time. 220 more words


The Impulses Are The Worst

I can feel the approach of a depressive episode. It is an arrow being drawn. The slow pull and increasing tension are warning signs. There is something worse to come.

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Today I came to understand something that I thought I would never understand.

I understand the people who commit the most horrendous crime of murdering innocent people before taking their own life. 200 more words

Alone In The World

Started my day with breakfast with my sister. It was just McDonald’s, but it was a pleasant surprise. I like hanging out with my sister, even though she gets on my nerves sometimes. 315 more words


Control Freak

One of my hobbies is Crossfit/Olympic Lifting, but over the last 9-weeks, I’ve been doing a strength program. Today was the final day, with the goal to find a new 1-rep max of the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. 429 more words