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What I have to Prove

“You don’t act sick.” “Are you sure something is wrong?” “But there is so much to be happy about!” These words are the constant reminder that I have something to prove. 263 more words

Mental Illness

It’s OK to be Overwhelmed

I have seen the overloading, inexplicable need to be perfect and to be the best, wife, mother, friend, daughter and employee a woman can possibly be. 452 more words

Don’t Lose Yourself

Ramble Time:

Sometimes I think I have lost myself, lost who I am inside, who I should have become or could become. You smile when you want to cry, stay when you want to leave and most of all put on a persona that keeps up the constant versade. 574 more words

The Devil You Know v.s. The Devil You Don’t

Sorry I’ve been MIA but life has taken over my every moment and I had to remind myself that I needed my “ME” time, hence this blog. 726 more words

When you're young, they don't tell you….

Feeling lost and afraid is something that I have felt many times in my life. Do you know that feeling? The feeling that frightens all reason out of you. 685 more words

The Unexpected Teaching’s of ParentHood

Being a parent is probably the hardest but most rewarding, life changing job you will ever have. When I became pregnant at 18, I never could have imagined the spin my life was about to take. 466 more words

To be Hungry or Not to be

You ever hit a point in life where you realize a serious change needs to be made? I imagine at some point everyone does but do you have what it takes to make the change? 554 more words