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Matrimonio Bipolar?

Llovió sobre el césped y las rocas antes de empezar

y el agua fue una bendición.

Las grullas danzaron finalmente bajo el sol

Los  mil origamis y  los buenos deseos… 51 more words


Feeling amazing today

Hiyyah everyone
So after 3 days of feeling extremely depressed and not leaving the house I feel amazing today.

So amazing we are up, ready and out of the house before 11am. 210 more words

one year

This Instagram/Facebook post was pretty cringe worthy to read tonight.. Overly go-gettery. But it was how I felt at the time. It was what I believed at the time. 853 more words

Personal Thoughts

Sometimes you have to make the right decision even if it isn't the decision you want to make

Like many sufferers from bipolar, when I am hypomanic I am sometimes reluctant to tell the psychiatrist as I am enjoying myself in my high and don’t want to stop having fun. 75 more words

Welcome to my silly life. 

I’ve been in a manic episode for about a week now. They have came and gone since I was a teenager but it always gets really bad during the summertime. 398 more words


Cry until I can't anymore

They told me there’d be days like these, but I thought I was tougher than that, stronger than this.

I’m not.

I have been fighting it, holding it in, pushing it down for the most part for the last six months. 651 more words

Deep Inside My Heart

The dark side of flying (things unsaid)

I woke up at 3 p.m this afternoon.

When people hear about my afternoon awakenings they generally jump to ‘shenanigans of reckless youths’. Normally, and particularly on those more half-baked Friday nights, they’d be right.  537 more words