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this fervor scampers
with a frenzied chortle
reveling in the shenanigans
as it skylarks about my mind
like a gaggle of drunken clowns
staggering and romping… 27 more words

My Poetry

Quail confusion

These girls have me so puzzled.

Kale was acting poorly for around four days. The first day she seemed unwell then improved, the second day I think she was a little worse, and then everyday after that she was looking better. 319 more words

Dog Blog

Please tell me this isn't mania...

Gog here!

Anon is feeling…odd. So odd in fact that we just gave her half a Valium to try calm her and help her feel closer to what counts as ‘normal’ for her. 380 more words


What you did

You treated him like shit when you were together!

I did? The whole time? I wasn’t perfect by any means. I did a lot of shitty things but…. 122 more words


organising and tidying

I’ve been oddly energised these past few days.

I don’t know if it’s because for five days I was on such strong sedatives (so I feel energetic in comparison to that) or if I could be going manic. 568 more words

Dog Blog

All things Pope

Billy was manic again; he had refused his Invega injection, just like the previous time. He was a frequent visitor to psychiatric wards. Committed, assessed, diagnosed, medicated, discharged- rinse and repeat. 374 more words