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The “work” world is my oyster 

My first full week back in Corporate America has been a struggle. I thought yesterday was Friday! It was Tuesday. I frowned but turned it into a smile, it’s all I can do. 544 more words

Perfecting the art of sleeping 

As I enter further into my manic episode sleep is harder and harder to come by. I have been trying lots of new things lately in hopes of getting more sleep and quality rest. 188 more words

Feeling misunderstood

“Those you have to constantly explain yourself to have either never intended to understand you or don’t have the capacity to understand you other than what they have chosen to perceive you to be.

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Wow Pow Pow Wow

Today is a day. Yep. It really is. I’m exhausted my mind won’t shut up. I’m getting annoyed. My jaw hurts. Stupid top wisdom tooth is cutting into my lower jaw where the old tooth used to be. 197 more words

Getting fucked up... the beginning

I have never been one to publicly discuss my ‘illness’. To bring it into the open and share it with the world. Recently, I have realised how insanely ridiculous that is. 439 more words


Recovery Binder

In a previous post I mentioned that I will share my recovery binder so I am doing just that. My recovery binder has been one the most valuable tools in my recovery. 269 more words

Having a moody, corporate meltdown

So, my first day back to work was Wednesday. I probably worked about 3-5 hours every single day. And by “work”, I mean sit at my desk and do nothing. 371 more words