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Setup: We have just arrived at our second beach for the day and my father has disappeared.
Me: (asking my mother) Did dad go off to find us a spot? 125 more words

My Mind

To my Husband

There are so many things that I could say to you and so many excuses that I could run through. I suppose that the first thing I would say to you is that I’m grateful for you and your support. 952 more words


The "Shutting Down"

Having polar mood swings is a bit confusing. Yesterday, you’re manic, today you’re depressed. I called my depressive mood as the “shutting down.”

Naming something you don’t want is really weird. 172 more words



Morning alarms and maltreatment literally are two faces of one coin named ‘Welcome To Hell’. Yeah, it might feel very intimate and soul-satisfying conviction to scarcely any and very churlish and obnoxious to the rest. 315 more words

I'm coming undone? 

I don’t know if lack of sleep is starting to affect my mind or what is going on, but I feel like there is yarn in my brain and someone has a hold of the end and they are slowly pulling it. 200 more words

Mental Illness