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looking back...

A few decisions I have made over the last year have definitely have been during periods of mania. when I was with my first boyfriend there was a lot of stuff going on with my father. 891 more words

Word Webbing in the Abyss

(colors added as an embellishment for one of my daughters who prefers long reads in color)

Thank God for this word web. God, Goddess, the Universe, my Mammaw, my momma, my daddy, or whomever — and — whomever created this word web that spins itself through me, to which I can cling.  1,089 more words


Daily Check In & What Bipolar Isn't

So like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been having a lot more dreams. And I’ve noticed a pattern in them. They are basically all very vivid and surrounding my daily thoughts and things that would cause me anxiety if it weren’t a dream. 585 more words

The Dark Side of the Mood Swings.

So I’m in the full swing of depression. I haven’t felt this low in years. I don’t know if it’s my medicine or if I’m just really this depressed. 183 more words

My Mountain's Peak

Please, come inside. Taking off your shoes is not a requirement, but you are welcome to set your toes free, if you’d like. My toes prefer freedom. 360 more words


I'm Not Sure How I Feel About NOT Being Crazy

I’ve been on this quest for normalcy for a very long time.  Well, people, be careful what you wish for, because now that I’ve got some meds in my system (25mg of Lamictal every morning, a mood stabilizer, and 100 mg of Seroquel every evening, an anti psychotic) and actually working, I’m feeling what I assume is normal, and I am not at all sure how I feel about it. 630 more words


The temptation
Lying just
Out of reach,
Manic driven decisions
Come to visit 15 more words