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The Fear of Life

It isn’t the fear of Death that disables me, its the fear of life. Its the pressing fear to not become the person that harbors within me.  1,351 more words

The Bipolar Bitch

I have contemplated writing this post for weeks now, and every time I started, I would end up deleting it. I’m pretty sure I was just scared at the perception of it all, because I tend to pour my heart out when I write, making me vulnerable, which has always been a scary feeling for me. 847 more words

So much on the inside

My mind races. It’s almost like I want to break out from behind these walls I’m in and yell “I’m here, I’m still here! Everything’s going to be ok!” But is It? 398 more words


The beginning of a journey.

Journeys all start somewhere and mine is finally beginning… Well sort of. I have been suffering with mental health issues since I was 12 or 13.  272 more words


Spontaneous Combustion

If you are like me – and by like me, I mean BIPOLAR – then you have had moments where you have lost all control. Unfortunately, when you are bipolar you learn that can also mean you have an anger issue. 541 more words


Eff this ess

I’m just going rant:

Relationships SUCK!

You’re supposed to put your trust in another human being who has as many issues, if not more, than you do? 155 more words