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New Orleans, LA 2015

Rumored to be a Banksy.  Found a few blocks from the Grey Ghost.

New Orleans, LA 2015

Grey Ghost by Banksy.


Rant and rave

“I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 8:00 A.M. Enjoy!” – Trump tweet 4-25-18

There really isn’t anyway to describe Trumps interview on Fox & Friends this morning other than manic. 751 more words

Donald Trump

Trump is Manic! Contradicts Himself Re Cohen Representation in Stormy Daniels Deal

Trump has lost it!  If he ever had his act together, he has totally lost his abiliity to appear anything but Manic!  He called into Fox News… 593 more words

In This Moment

I’m fucking buzzing. Literal buzzing feeling all over me. I can’t stop shaking I have a stupid amount of energy I’m fucking wild dude like k want to go for a run. 45 more words

Missed Medication

I work a lot. Like. A lot. I have a specific time and a reminder on my phone for my medication but it’s so hard to always remember to take it. 200 more words

I fucked up.

December 21st, that’s was the date before yesterday, I had hoped would stick in my head for the rest of my life. As the last day I cut myself after years of circling the same problem. 106 more words


On Top of the World

This is starting off either as a geographical peak or a Shonen Knife song that you’ve probably heard in the Parent Trap Soundtrack. I feel like I could conquer some sort of army right now, single handedly. 245 more words