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Feeling a bit manic, well the shrink calls it hypomania. And I am still majorly pissed about my job!

Being a bipolar 2 when the mania hits it is called hypomania.  Hypomania means that you get a ton of energy, talk a lot I mean a lot like you drive people crazy a alot, and you get super productive (like I fold the laundry that’s been laying on my bed for a week, fold the towels that have been on the kitchen table for a week, clean and clean some more, and generally drive myself and others batty).   585 more words

The Return of the Osprey—a Love Story of Sorts

I used to joke with my husband that I was like a kite in our relationship. He on the other hand was the guy on the ground with a roll of string in his hand. 565 more words

Why hello

You are probably wondering why did I click on yet another blog about Bipolar?  Well, I am hoping that you like to read or maybe you are bored or maybe just maybe you suffer Bipolar as well and are hoping to relate. 96 more words

A Day In The Life Of Rook Walsh

I started my reread of MANIC and I am blasting thru it. I am so freaking in love with Rook, its insane.  I think besides Junco, she’s my fave Hussie Heroine. 350 more words


19th May 2015

Feeling very tired today. My fault. But that’s what happens when a good book gets a hold on me, blink, and it’s 2am !!!

For some reason, and totally unexpectedly, I have felt very happy, relaxed and content since early yesterday, and even though I am tired, still do now (Normally if I am tired, I am the proverbial bear with a sore head ).  122 more words