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“Some Days...” - (a poem)

I hope you enjoy this short poem. I originally posted this to my Instagram account @bipolarlili.



So, what is it like?

It’s when I feel my chest tightening, like when I ride a roller coaster or when I feel nervous, only it’s five times stronger and stays a lot longer. 208 more words

It's Personal


Anyone that knows me can confirm that I know how to relax. Anyone that doesn’t know me sees what I call ‘relaxing’ as a dissonance of activity, something frantic, like a deer escaping a forest fire. 723 more words


The Life I Live

I’m lucky. I’m going to start off this post with those words because they’re true. I have great parents, they may be divorced and they may hate each others guts but they love me to death, support me to my grave and I love them more than anything. 539 more words