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Manic Monday

The mania has been strong with this one.  I think i peaked last night. Wooh, what a ride.

Stepping out of mania is like stepping through a veil from one reality to another, its very very much like coming down off a trip. 1,436 more words

Mental Health

The searing light of reality

One of the worst things is waking up and the first thing you think is “Holy fuck, what did I do???” Whether it’s opening your eyes to see an ICU sign and equipment everywhere, or the cold light of sobriety giving everything the searing dose of reality. 242 more words

Tragic Sitcom Due to Being the New Kid on the Block - Vigilante Stalkers Don't Communicate, Just Condemn

  • 1955: Berkeley, Ohio, San Pedro, Fullerton, CA
  • High School: Leader and co leader to two trips to Mexico for church youth group, drill team. Senior year: meet future husband.
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"Talk to Me" (a poem) 

I think there’s been some kind of misunderstanding.

Just because I’ve been broken before

Doesn’t mean that I’m delicate.

It doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me… 242 more words


manic panic

Dear Doc,

Two things I learned yesterday:

  1. It hasn’t been the lithium that has been making me feel so good. I haven’t been on it long enough for it to work, as you explained.
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Rapid cycling

Happy, sad, happy, sad, happy, sad. Happy? Sad? Wild card?

It’s not mood swings or an attitude problem, it’s rapid cycling. It’s dangerous and exhausting and difficult for anyone to understand, even those experiencing it. 253 more words


I just feel so miserable

i feel miserable. i cant sleep, again. i am tired but so overtired that i cant close my eyes. i think i’m in a bit of mania. 128 more words