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JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 23 October 2016

It’s gone 4am and I’m not really feeling sleepy. I’m feeling physically tired, but as I didn’t get out of bed until 13:15 today, I’m not really sleepy tired. 378 more words


carnivals & tent revivals

To “rent space in one’s head”

Is to think of those who hurt or frustrate us…

I do not Rent Space, no, my Mind

Is so far passed what One Person Thinks – 109 more words

Medical/psych Diagnosis


Can’t sleep, another night draining
Thoughts abound and voices aren’t waning
Trusted words kept, but doubts creeping
As I lie here and type this, while quietly weeping… 38 more words



Binging 1-3 days a week, eating “normally” whatever that means these days.

Weight is stable,  within normal range.

Start therapy next week.

Applying for university. Studying after work. 296 more words

My Boss Doesn't Know

I have a leadership role in my job, and my boss doesn’t know I’m Bipolar. I’ve kept it under wraps. Even when I had my big break down. 212 more words

JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 21 October 2016

I didn’t sleep last night as I was too excited. I had nothing specifically to look forward to that would make me excited, I was simply grateful to the core that I felt OK. 361 more words


When too many dots connect...

This man’s post really resonated with me.

When I’m hypomanic in a good way, everything “comes together” and just feels like it’s “meant to be,” which, while *feeling* positive, is similar to what he’s describing – connecting unrelated incidences and drawing an incorrect conclusion. 488 more words