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Quotidian quotas of Quetiapine leave this quadragenarian querulous and queasy. What was that I said about alliteration?

So that’s the end of Quetiapine then. Sedated, nauseous, night sweats, uncontrolled limb movements, digestion problems and overwhelming depression. Perfect. On the bright side I didn’t end up catatonic on the sofa, but then again there was no way with those side effects going on I was going to take the stuff long enough to get there. 286 more words


Up or down? Low or high?

Gog here.

For all the world it feels like Anon has to be having a mixed episode…either that or she really, really doesn’t have Bipolar disorder anymore. 368 more words


Heartbroken Me

I don’t even know where to start.  I feel so let down, so judged and so hurt.  Not only did I say goodbye to one of my only friends today, possibly for the last time, but one of the only other people I trust with my emotions really laid into me.  465 more words


If You Give a Mom a Chore . . .

If you give a mom a chore, she’ll likely find three other things to be done before it.

If the corner of her room has to be cleared to make room for baby’s changing table, she’ll first vacuum the floor. 532 more words


ADHD To Treat or Not To Treat?

My eyes have been opened wide by my recent stint in homeschooling my daughter.  She is diagnosed ADHD and bipolar. She’s eleven.  We give her a mood stabilizer for the bipolar and that has really made a world of difference in leveling her out and keeping her grounded to reality.  282 more words



I find myself short on patience these days, definitely a sign of mania for me.  Everyone is moving too slowly and I can’t do what I want because all these slow people are in my way.  400 more words



Ben made mention that I’m going to have to figure out my triggers…again (I should add, because I’ve done this all before.)

So, I’ve been trying to think of what they are… And now, my question is, what triggered response are you asking about? 29 more words

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