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24th Nov 17'

10:20 Woke up (earlier than this BTW) absolutely buzzing like a rocket had gone off in my anal cavity. Blasting Korn on the way to work, loads of coffee, breakfast sarnie. 64 more words

Daily Entry


Happy Thanksgiving!

Lately, I’ve been really into SoulCycle and it truly has seeped into my soul. I took my daily morning class today and it really got me to think about this year and what I am thankful for. 243 more words

How I Feel in This Moment

Well, here I am. At the end of one journey, and another I am embarking on for the next ten years. Wow. Ten years. It’s amazing to have been on this long journey with the peaks and valleys, and with all my different issues fighting for attention on any given day, that I am still here. 523 more words


Manic Monday

It was meant to be an ordinary Monday, doing the school run and going for the 10.30 am group walk for an hour. 

However today turns out to be a truly Manic Monday. 386 more words


09. What is 'Good Enough'?

Sometimes I get caught in these cycles of pushing myself until I ‘break’ and then feel bad about ‘breaking’. It’s a vicious cycle that I get caught in every couple of months and normally these are periods of like intense growth and introspection but nevertheless they are pretty hard on me. 480 more words

Hope Comes Shining Through

I’ve been dealing with a manic episode for the last 8 days. Today I’m still there and not wanting to be. But today I saw hope. 142 more words


What do you do when you think?

Every few months I come back to this blog and I have so much to say and I never know where to start. I’m always feeling the same, it’s always shitty weather, I’ve come across a song that is making me question, doubt, judge and think about myself. 118 more words