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Rich Girls & Po Boys - Mani Mania

I LOVE getting my nails done. I have since I was about sixteen and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

When I was in high school I would get my nails done about every two weeks. 196 more words

How to: The Prettiest Quickest Manicure

Hello everybody!

Very recently I did a post on my nail polish collection, and so to carry on a little with this trend, today I am bringing you a ‘how to’ on the perfect manicure :-) Having a manicure is so relaxing and the feeling of nails painted afterwards feels just gorgeous and fluttery and amazing too (call me crazy!), I will run you through how to make your nails nice, clean and healthy, before settling with a simple coloured manicure to extend that healthy look a little further :-P… 655 more words



Don’t tell anyone, but one of the things I love most about Mr. Finger Candy is that he is an unabashed Sony fanboy.  This is a man I once watched break into a delighted happy dance in the middle of Best Buy because they had an unexpected shipment of impossible-to-find PS3s.   155 more words

Nail Art

Paraffin Dip

A paraffin wax “dip” or “bath” is a soothing treatment in which the feet are submerged in a warm mixture of paraffin, a petroleum-based wax, and mineral oil. 208 more words

new favorites: shellac nail color + tips for the shellac manicure

Throughout the years I’ve tried numerous nail techniques at the nail salon searching for a way to keep my nails looking fabulous while also having them last. 591 more words


Sandra's Secret Midnight Garden

Lots of literary references in that title.  Show of hands if you, too, took two years’ of post-secondary children’s literature (the exact same course two years in a row, actually; it was a pre-taped class offered through my university’s remote education program, “remote” translating to forgetting to watch any of the classes throughout the semester and then having to furiously cram 60 watchable hours of class time into the three days before the final exam.   313 more words

Nail Art


Summer BOGO Promotion! When you buy one service, get half off a second service All services invluded, can be applied to you next appointment. Buy a manicure, get a pedicure half off your next appointment. 14 more words