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Remembering the Alamo, and the Maine, and the Coloniality: U.S. Interventions in Latin America, Part I

Prologue: The Monroe Doctrine

A long, long time ago, when our country was very new, a Doctrine was born. The world was, it seems, innocent then, but I think it unlikely that the Doctrine was ever entirely innocent itself. 3,786 more words

Manifest Destiny #18 – A beak for a tooth

*Warning: Very necessary spoilers to come*

Manifest Destiny has been one beautiful and interesting book for the previous seventeen issues, but it lacked a little direction. 871 more words

Comic Review

after a long period of abnormally low


abundance, it rains
on this sleepy saturday drought
cracks in the sidewalk
and everywhere else
filling up

it was there lurking
clouds heavy with promise… 91 more words

React Post: "Manifest Destiny" causes modern outrage

Several weeks ago, the clothing store Gap introduced a new t-shirt, and was quickly pulled it from their stores after public outcry. The t-shirt can be seen below. 52 more words

React Post

U.S. Hypocrisy Around the World

How has information been suppressed so that many Americans have failed to grasp their true history? We know that corporate owned mass media reflects the power structure of our times.

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U.S. Foreign Policy

On the Story of Progress

The “story of progress” has become hegemonic in Western culture. Our government and our popular imagination have been captivated by the idea of making progress. The “story” of progress is so deeply ingrained that we barely consider the possibility of examining it. 624 more words


Sunday Slugfest: Manifest Destiny #18

This article was originally published at Comics Bulletin on November 1, 2015.

Kyle Garret: There’s this thing that happens with historical fiction, be it based in a germ of truth or not: we forget history.  1,719 more words