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'Manifest Destiny' by Marcia X

What kind are you?
You’re Native American,
What type?
Says the lady as she sits with curlers setting her hair, looking up at me,
bewildered as to why I am slightly bewildered. 537 more words

Guest Blog

America as the Shining City Upon a Hill

By Anthony J. Miller

The trope of the American Western has and continues to evoke romanticized images of opportunity, prosperity, and individual triumph––but its reality is that of victimization, isolation, and displacement. 775 more words


Nothing worth having comes easy.

Last week, Adam worked tirelessly getting details hammered out so that we could start moving into the 5th wheel as soon as possible. He took (and passed) his written and practical Class A driving tests, he got new (safer) tires put on, got the unit weighed and inspected for registration, and he installed an EMS unit (like a giant surge protector) to shield the RV from potential electrical mishaps. 609 more words

Manifest Destiny

Bones, "Thugs," and Property

By Chloe Herring

The six officers involved in arresting and transporting Freddie Gray have been charged for alleged crimes that led to the Baltimore resident’s death in their custody. 860 more words

Culture And Society

Native Americans

Native Americans were mistreated by new settlers because they wanted to use the land for their own selfish reasons and wanted them out of the way after learning the ways they cultivated the land. 171 more words

Manifest Destiny #14 Review

Another trip ashore, another arch, another new creature to subdue, examine, and classify. While the men in the shore party attempt to remove the small bird/bear cub animal from Etten’s arm, Captain Clark is on the boat with Mrs. 424 more words