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With and Was – The Enlightenment, Part 2

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If the universe really does make sense, why is that? Is it just dumb luck, or did it have a creator? Could it be possible that there’s a middle ground somewhere between atheism on the one hand and religious belief on the other? 16 more words


The Electrifying Fall Of Rainbow City (Review)

The early world expositions are fascinating studies by themselves. The expos exemplified the dreams and ideals of high-minded, progressive people of their times.  Some of the fairs became parts of history that were completely unanticipated by their organizers.  465 more words

Cultural Highlights

One + One = Two

Second Day of December

While I was thinking about the month of December, I realized there is more to share than what a blog should share. 383 more words

Morning Thoughts

The DAPL Fight

For once we’re actually covering a recent event that has been directly discussed in our Humanities Core Lecture and Discussion! That’s right, you probably guessed it (from the title, because who doesn’t read the title before they read the actual content), its the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests! 651 more words

Empires Today

Artwork of the Day - 12/01/16 (American Progress, John Gast)

Daily Artwork — “American Progress, John Gast, 1873”

Use the images posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of an  84 more words


Manifest Destiny & The Revenant

As a Film and Media major, I was so excited that we were going to talk about the movie, The Revenant, in class last week. 488 more words


Liberté, égalité, fraternité

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, empire is defined as “a major political unit having a territory of great extent or a number of territories or peoples under a single sovereign authority.” Throughout my first quarter in Humanities Core, I have explored this definition, and taken it further to better understand the concept of power in relation to empire and ruins. 651 more words

Quarter 1