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Manifest Destiny 22 (August 2016)

No way, Sacagawea gets something to do. Not a lot, but Dingess actually gives her something to do. Then he skips out on the leads of… 267 more words


Comanches vs. Texas Rangers: Empire of the Summer Moon

Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne

The book tracks the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the creation of the Texas Rangers, and the closing chapter of Manifest Destiny in early Texas. 935 more words

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A song I currently like (Vol. 1) - Propagandhi, 'Fixed Frequencies'

So I’ve decided to start including a semi-regular feature from now on, going in depth to a song of which I am currently particularly enamoured. The reasons for this are twofold; one, I often feel during things like Latecomer Reviews I’m a little hamstrung by the necessary evil of brevity, and this gives me a chance to really pick apart songs which I believe to be of of particular worth, their lyrics shot through with allusion, symbolism and wordplay and their music consistently engaging. 743 more words


TK 29: Jai Worthington

HOSTS: John, EJ, and Butch


Suicide Squad! Betty & Veronica! Manifest Destiny! Star Wars! Who is the tallest member of the Justice League? Is Jai Courtney a morphed Sam Worthington? 30 more words


Manifest Destiny Volume 1: Flora & Fauna

Lewis and Clark…Sacagawea…exploring new lands…meeting new people…the adventure of a lifetime- what could possibly go wrong???

As coincidence would have it, I was reading this book while my family was in St. 427 more words

Manifest destinies: McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971)

Altman’s thoughts on the American Dream, so fully realised in Nashville, are also central to McCabe & Mrs. Miller. In their efforts to find fortune at the frontier, Beatty’s McCabe and Christie’s Mrs. 347 more words


Manifest Destiny 21 (July 2016)

Has this arc always had the little year tags to toggle between the flashback and present action? Maybe it did, but I feel like it didn’t, because the transitions were confusing. 289 more words