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Day 33 - Seattle, WA - Day 2

Day 2 in Seattle and I gotta say, there’s something about the city that just isn’t for me. Like, I get the appeal. KEXP is here, Macklemore is from here, there’s a lot of cool stuff here. 714 more words

Manifest Destiny

Day 32 - Seattle, WA - Day 1

Day 32! It’s hard to believe we’ve been out on the road for over a month. Traci and I can scarcely believe it either when we’re talking about how somehow there’s still 28 days worth of stuff for us to do. 773 more words

Manifest Destiny

Day 31 - Spokane Valley, WA

Curiosity struck as we arrived in Spokane and we saw a gigantic older building that looked a little bit dilapidated:

Ever notice these buildings tend to be in the hip and happening parts of town? 721 more words

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny 23 (September 2016)

As a series, Manifest Destiny started up and slowly traveled down. Though sometimes it has charged downhill in terms of plotting quality. But Roberts’s art has always been a draw. 201 more words


Glacier National Park, MT - Day 3

Let’s start by talking about something I completely forgot to mention yesterday. Traci and I saw a grizzly!! Up close and personal!

Or at least that’s about half true. 735 more words

Manifest Destiny

Day 29 – Glacier National Park, MT – Day 2

Today’s story begins inside an ancient grove, not unlike the kind you’d find in The Legend of Zelda. That was our first destination inside Glacier National Park today, a tree grove so ancient some of the trees were around for the signing of the Declaration and the birth of our nation. 671 more words

Manifest Destiny

​Day 28 – Glacier National Park, MT – Day 1

Driving in the dark up here is a scary prospect. No car in front, no car in back, at least the roads are decently done so that you don’t risk going off road unintentionally. 644 more words

Manifest Destiny