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Återbloggat: Manufactured Destiny – hur svenska medier håller balansen på bortaplan och huvudet kallt i stridens hetta: kapitel 1

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”Yes, we can!”. Joe the Plumber. Den hårdföra hockeymamman från Alaska. Skuggan efter George W. Bush… Fraser, fenomen och fascinerande fallstudier från den amerikanska politikens värld. 1,550 more words


A 1960 Christmas Gift

A filling station, garage,
restaurant and parking lot,
all combined into one;
what more could a boy wish
for as a Christmas gift.

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Prior to sending Bonaparte to Egypt in 1799, Mayer, who now controlled the English monetary system, had wanted to end the Quasi-War by destroying the very royalist and redundant French Navy. 1,382 more words

World Of Credit

Land of Kings

There is no higher calling
than that of Christian, white male.
Those that think differently
truly are beyond the pale.
We must reclaim America
show the world that we are right, 384 more words


How Presidents Sell War: Part 2

The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

I have two tasks for you before you read the rest of today’s post. First, read yesterday’s introductory post. 1,180 more words

Presidential Politics

History Post #1: The Manifest Destiny: What is it and why was it influential in the expansion of America?

So here is an essay that I wrote during my second year of my undergraduate degree. I personally think it is one of the best essays that I have written in my academic career but I also though it would be interesting to give you a little history blog post on a topic that I found super interesting! 2,776 more words

For Their Future Security

A terrible thing has happened.

Well, it’s only terrible if you live Syria right now. Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night to find a crater for a front yard? 430 more words