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In 1785, Benjamin returned home to Philadelphia after a very successful nine years spent in France. Mayer decided it was a good time to go to America. 2,480 more words

World Of Credit

"That Far and Much Talked of Country..."

“There’s more than gold in these hills.
There’s blood and tears and iron wills.
With hopeful hearts and aching backs,
they wrote their names in their wagon tracks. 215 more words
American History

Today in Texas History - October 20

From the Annals of Manifest Destiny –     In 1803, the United States Senate approved the Louisiana Purchase almost doubling the size of the country.  The enormous acquisition allowed continuation of the western migration that characterized the first 100 years of our nation’s history. 

Blue-Eyed Aryan

Jesus was a blue-eyed Aryan,
that’s what pictures in my Bible say.
Crazy folks depict him otherwise,
that’s the trouble with the USA.

Too many people who think they’re right… 334 more words


'Manifest Destiny' - Barry B. Longyear

So I finally started to read the pile of books my father lent me, and I started with Manifest Destiny by Barry B Longyear. I started with this one because my father wanted it back, no other reason. 957 more words


The Multicultural USA - A Tory Take

The problems that have arisen out of the failure of multiculturalism are, it seems to me, much more pronounced in Europe than in the United States. 1,058 more words