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Gilman Mom - Manifest Destiny

Macaque Records – 21st August 2017

Christopher Nosnibor

Gilman Mom is the musical vehicle for Dominic Francisco (which has a star quality of its own). As Dominic explains, Manifest Destiny ‘plays heavily with texture and field recordings melding with emotional chords and words in attempt to convey my mental transformation from a vulnerable state to a confident one’. 429 more words


Race, Violence, and the American "Manifest Destiny" in Cuba, Hawaii, and Central America

In Manifest Destiny and American Territorial Expansion, part two, chapter six focuses on the southward expansion of the United States. That is, to echo the chapter title: “Expanded Horizons: Cuba, Hawaii, and Central America.” The themes of this section largely reflect on issues of political advocacy, independence, economic and commercial concerns, white America’s “inherent right” to more land, an opposition to that concept of Manifest Destiny, race dilemmas, fear, and violence. 2,168 more words

Slavery versus Working Men

From the very beginning of creating a great America, slavery in the South was always an issue when it comes to explore issues of the Civil War. 762 more words

Non-Review Review: Wind River

Taylor Sheridan’s loose “Frontier trilogy” imagines the frontier as the site of America’s original sin.

Like Sicario and Hell or High WaterWind River… 1,796 more words


Manifest Destiny out now!

Happy eclipse day! If you missed it don’t be too sad, our first release is here! Gilman Mom’s Manifest Destiny is available now at a Pay-What-You-Want price (aka for free). 16 more words

Every Ounce

​Every Ounce
While life kept pushing
All her efforts into a corner

Knowing full well it made

Any possible progress harder

Thought she’d found a way… 110 more words



Todays sermon is based on the lyrics to the Tapeloops’ song of the same name. The Tapeloops are of course, the exploratory musical vehicle of choice for the Rev and friends. 200 more words